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  2. Henry the Fowler - Wikipedia

    Henry the Fowler (German: Heinrich der Vogler or Heinrich der Finkler; Latin: Henricus Auceps) (c. 876 – 2 July 936) was the Duke of Saxony from 912 and the King of East Francia from 919 until his death in 936.

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  4. Frederick Christian, Elector of Saxony - Wikipedia

    Frederick Christian (German: Friedrich Christian; 5 September 1722 – 17 December 1763) was the Prince-Elector of Saxony for fewer than three months in 1763. He was a member of the House of Wettin .

  5. Pope Gregory IX - Wikipedia

    At the coronation of Frederick II in Rome, 22 November 1220, the emperor made a vow to embark for the Holy Land in August 1221. Gregory IX began his pontificate by suspending the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, for dilatoriness in carrying out the promised Sixth Crusade. Frederick II appealed to the sovereigns of Europe complaining of his ...

  6. Augustus III of Poland - Wikipedia

    Augustus III (Polish: August III Sas, Lithuanian: Augustas III; 17 October 1696 – 5 October 1763) was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1733 until 1763, as well as Elector of Saxony in the Holy Roman Empire where he was known as Frederick Augustus II (German: Friedrich August II).

  7. Napoleon III - Wikipedia

    Napoleon III (Charles Louis Napoléon Bonaparte; 20 April 1808 – 9 January 1873) was the first President of France (as Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte) from 1848 to 1852 and the last monarch of France as Emperor of the French from 1852 to 1870.

  8. Adolphus Frederick V, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

    Adolphus Frederick was married on 17 April 1877 in Dessau to Princess Elisabeth of Anhalt. His mother commented on his wife, "She welters in happiness at her luxurious "Schloss" wearing a new Paris dress daily, Diamonds, also, when we are quite entre nous - Yes, she does enjoy being a Grand Duchess! poor dear, I am glad she does, for I never did."

  9. Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein - Wikipedia

    Prince Frederick Christian Charles Augustus of Schleswig-Holstein KG GCVO KStJ PC ADC (22 January 1831 – 28 October 1917) was a minor Danish-born German prince who became a member of the British royal family through his marriage to Princess Helena of the United Kingdom, the fifth child and third daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

  10. Top 10 Rulers in History -

    In my opinion Charlemagne should be #1 hands down. He wasn't the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, that title belongs to Otto I, but he was nevertheless crowned Emperor by Pope Leo III of the Empire that would become the HRE. He helped to unite an Empire that encompassed all of Western Europe minus Spain and England.

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    related to: Frederick III, German Emperor