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  2. Queen Victoria's Family Tree

    The daughter of Victoria, princess Royal and Emperor Frederick III of Germany, in 1899 Sophia married Crown Prince Constantine of Greece, who would later become King Constantine I.

  3. House of Hohenzollern - Wikipedia

    German Emperor from 1871: 1797 1888 Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach: Frederick III: Son of: 1888 German Emperor: 1831 1888 Victoria, Princess Royal: Wilhelm II: Son of 1888–1918 German Emperor: 1859 1941 Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein. Hermine Reuss of Greiz

  4. Topic Summaries: Lifestyles & Social Issues | Britannica

    Summaries. Entertainment & Pop Culture Geography & Travel Health & Medicine Lifestyles & Social Issues Literature Philosophy & Religion Politics, Law & Government Science Sports & Recreation Technology Visual Arts World History. first lady summary. first lady, Wife of the president of the U.S. Thanksgiving Day summary.

  5. Queen Victoria Photographs and Portraits of Her Life and Reign

    The Princess Royal later married German Emperor Frederick III, with whom she bore Victoria's eldest grandchild, Kaiser Wilhelm II.READ MORE: 12 Interesting Facts About the Royal Family.

  6. The Life of Langrave Friedrich II of Hesse-Cassel | European ...

    Friedrich II of Hesse-Cassel (August 14, 1720 – October 31, 1785) was Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel from 1760 to 1785. He ruled as an enlightened despot, and raised money by renting soldiers (called "Hessians") to Great Britain to help fight the American Revolutionary War.

  7. The Historic Saxon Duchies of Germany and the House of Wettin

    In the mid-1550s, John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony, split the Ernestine lands into three duchies for his three sons. This gave John-Frederick Saxe-Eisenach and Saxe-Coburg, John William ruled Saxe-Weimar and John Frederick III controlled Saxe-Gotha. John William added the districts of Coburg, Altenburg and Meiningen to his Weimar lands.

  8. History | by Assisi OnLine

    In the meantime, in Assisi in 1197 was christened the future emperor Frederick II, three years after his birth on the market square of Jesi (near Ancona). Francesco decided to change his life, renouncing to the riches and the eases of his family fortune and praying at San Damiano had the vision which ordered him to restore the Church (1205).

  9. Historical event...<br>On March 26, 1162, Frederick I Barbarossa invaded Milan.<br> <br>The troops of the German king and Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa, after more than a year of siege of Milan, finally entered the city on March 26, 1162. Barbarossa was enraged by the resistance of the townspeople, but, despite this, saved their lives: he ordered them to leave the city. Milan the ...

  10. German States PRUSSIA 1/2 Frederick D'or KM 397 Prices ...

    German States PRUSSIA 1/2 Frederick D'or KM# 397 1817A . New World Price Guide Search. ... WILHELM III KOENIG V. PREUSSEN. Reverse: Crowned eagle above cannon. Notes;

  11. Briefly Trace the Process of German Unification - BYJU'S Exam ...

    Briefly Trace the Process of German Unification. By Balaji. Updated on: March 23rd, 2023. The process of German Unification was announced on 18 January 1871 into a federal-dominated Prussia. The announcement was made at the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles in France. This event majorly impacted European politics for decades.