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  2. German Empire - Wikipedia

    From left, on the podium (in black): Crown Prince Frederick (later Frederick III ), his father the emperor, and Frederick I of Baden, proposing a toast to the new emperor. At centre (in white): Otto von Bismarck, first Chancellor of Germany, Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, Prussian Chief of Staff.

  3. Friedrich Nietzsche - Wikipedia

    Born on 15 October 1844, Nietzsche grew up in the town of Röcken (now part of Lützen ), near Leipzig, in the Prussian Province of Saxony. He was named after King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia, who turned 49 on the day of Nietzsche's birth (Nietzsche later dropped his middle name Wilhelm). [13]

  4. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia,_Holy_Roman_Emperor

    He was heir to and then head of the rising House of Habsburg during the first half of the 16th century, his dominions in Europe included the Holy Roman Empire, extending from Germany to northern Italy with direct rule over the Austrian hereditary lands and the Burgundian Low Countries, and Spain with its southern Italian possessions of Naples, …

  5. List of treaties - Wikipedia

    (June 2012) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) The oldest known surviving peace treaty in the world, the Egyptian–Hittite peace treaty preserved at the Temple of Amun in Karnak This list of treaties contains known agreements, pacts, peaces, and major contracts between states, armies, governments, and tribal groups.

  6. Niš - Wikipediaš

    On 27 July 1189, Nemanja received German emperor Frederick Barbarossa and his 100,000 crusaders at Niš. [32] Niš is mentioned in descriptions of Serbia under Vukan in 1202, highlighting its special status. [33] In 1203, Kaloyan of Bulgaria annexed Niš. [34] Stefan Nemanjić later regained the region. Ottoman period

  7. Swedish intervention in the Thirty Years' War - Wikipedia

    Ferdinand was to reverse the construction of many of these facilities on his ascension to the Bohemian crown, and when the Bohemian estates protested, he dissolved the Bohemian assembly. The Third Defenestration of Prague was the immediate trigger for the Thirty Years' War.

  8. English Reformation - Wikipedia

    The English Reformation began as more of a political affair than a theological dispute. [note 1] In 1527, Henry VIII requested an annulment of his marriage, but Pope Clement VII refused. In response, the Reformation Parliament (1532–1534) passed laws abolishing papal authority in England and declared Henry to be head of the Church of England.

  9. Baden Powell Ini Penulisan Yang Benar Ada Garis Penghubung ...

    Webleonardo royal hotel baden baden hotel in baden baden offering a spacious spa with indoor pool, a restaurant, a bar and a garden with terrace, this nonsmoki

  10. Musings of an Old Curmudgeon: 29 January, The Roman Martyrology

    O n the morrow we keep the feast of the holy Confessor Francis de Sales, Bishop of Geneva, (in the year 1622,) of whom mention is made upon the 28th day of December. J anuary 29th 2023, the 7th day of the Moon, were born into the better life:

  11. La lista de espera para las residencias suma 1.150 mayores y ...

    El Gobierno, que espera concertar m s de 200 plazas p blicas este a o, apuesta por evolucionar hacia un

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