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  2. Frederick William III of Prussia - Wikipedia

    Frederick William III (German: Friedrich Wilhelm III.; 3 August 1770 – 7 June 1840) was King of Prussia from 16 November 1797 until his death in 1840. He was concurrently Elector of Brandenburg in the Holy Roman Empire until 6 August 1806, when the empire was dissolved.

  3. Frederick William III | Reign of Terror, Napoleonic Wars,...

    Frederick William III, (born August 3, 1770, Potsdam, Prussia [Germany]—died June 7, 1840, Berlin), king of Prussia from 1797, the son of Frederick William II. Neglected by his father, he never mastered his resultant inferiority complex , but the influence of his wife, Louisa of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, whom he married in 1793, occasionally ...

  4. Frederick III | Hohenzollern Dynasty, Prussian Reforms, German...

    Frederick III, king of Prussia and German emperor for 99 days in 1888, during which time he was a voiceless invalid, dying of throat cancer. Although influenced by liberal, constitutional, and middle-class ideas, he retained a strong sense of the Hohenzollern royal and imperial dignity.

  5. Frederick William Iii |

    Frederick William III (1770-1840) was king of Prussia from 1797 to 1840. A weak monarch, he presided first over the near-liquidation of the Prussian state in the Napoleonic Wars and then over its reconstruction. Born in Potsdam on Aug. 3, 1770, Frederick William III succeeded his father, Frederick William II, as king of Prussia in 1797.

  6. Frederick William III - Oxford Reference

    Overview Frederick William III (1770—1840) Quick Reference (1770–1840) King of Prussia (1797–1840). After his defeat at the Battle of Jena he was forced by the Treaty of Tilsit (1807) to surrender half his dominions by the creation of the kingdom of Westphalia and the grand duchy of Warsaw.

  7. Frederick William III of Prussia - Simple English Wikipedia, the...

    Frederick William III; King of Prussia; Elector of Brandenburg: Reign: 16 November 1797 – 7 June 1840: Predecessor: Frederick William II: Successor: Frederick William IV: Born: 3 August 1770 Potsdam, Prussia: Died: 7 June 1840 (age 69) Berlin: Spouse: Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Auguste Gräfin von Harrach: Issue: Frederick William IV of ...

  8. Frederick William III of Prussia - Wikiwand

    Frederick William III was King of Prussia from 16 November 1797 until his death in 1840. He was concurrently Elector of Brandenburg in the Holy Roman Empire until 6 August 1806, when the Empire was dissolved. Frederick William III ruled Prussia during the difficult times of the Napoleonic Wars.

  9. Collections Online | British Museum

    Frederick William III, King of Prussia primary name: primary name: Frederick William III other name: other name: (King of) Prussia other name: other name: (King) Friedrich Wilhelm III Details individual; ruler; royal/imperial; German; Male Life dates 1770-1840 Biography


    King of Prussia on his father's death in 1797, he rescinded some of the monarchy's more repressive legislation, ans was less inclined to reactionary intolerance than his predecessor, but earned a reputation for indecision and dependance on the formidable Queen Louise.

  11. Fredrick William III, King of Prussia - Brown University

    Frederick William III: (1770-1840) king of Prussia (1797-1840), son and successor of Frederick William II. Well-intentioned but weak and vacillating, he endeavored to maintain neutrality in the Napoleonic Wars. In 1806, French troops were massed on Prussia's frontier and Frederick William was forced to take up arms against France.