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  2. Friendster - Wikipedia

    Users could share videos, photos, messages, and comments with other members via profiles and networks. [4] It is considered one of the original social networks. [5] After the launching of Friendster as a social gaming platform in June 2011, the number of registered users reached over 115 million.

  3. What Happened To Friendster? 4 Reasons Why It Failed -...

    Friendster was a social networking service that allowed you to set up user profiles, connect with other people, and communicate with them. Friendster failed because of site performance issues, rising competition, executive turnover, and due to extensive content moderation.

  4. The Friendster Autopsy: How a Social Network Dies | WIRED

    A group of internet archeologists have picked over the digital bones of Friendster — the pioneering social networking site that drowned in Facebook’s wake — and we now have a clearer picture ...

  5. How Friendster Works | HowStuffWorks

    Started in 2002 by U.S. businessman Jonathan Abrams, was designed as a place to connect with friends, family, colleagues and new friends over the Internet. But it went beyond just a one-way communication like Evite, which connects the social lives of people who already know each other.

  6. Yes, Friendster is back - Manila Bulletin

    Dec 1, 2022 01:40 AM. This week, the internet was abuzz with talks about the return of once the most favorite social media platform of many Filipinos -- Friendster. Many immediately noticed, including me, that it's not the original Friendster because it's using a .click and not the .com domain.

  7. Before Facebook there was… Friendster? Yes, that’s right!

    Friendster was founded by Jonathan Abrams, a Canadian computer programmer, in March 2002. The site started in a basement with ten friends and went live that same month. It grew to several hundred users within a few weeks and grew to over 3 million users by early 2003.

  8. Friendster is back! Or is it...?

    We take a look at a supposed relaunch of Friendster, a social media site once hugely popular in many parts of the world. Is it the real deal?

  9. Friendster - Facebook

    Friendster. 267,564 likes · 5 talking about this. The Official Friendster page on Facebook

  10. 3 Social Media Networks Before Facebook - Investopedia

    Friendster . At one point, Friendster was considered the premier social media site. Within just a few months of its launch, the company had more than three million monthly active users. In 2003...

  11. Friendster is not back: DICT warns registration site used for...

    A Facebook post claiming that users can now register on the revived Friendster gained traction during the weekend, reaching more than 9,000 shares and 6,000 reactions as of writing.