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  2. George, King of Saxony - Wikipedia,_King_of_Saxony

    George (German: Georg; 8 August 1832 – 15 October 1904) was king of Saxony and member of the House of Wettin. Early life [ edit ] George was born in the Saxon capital Dresden .

  3. George (The Bearded) of Saxony |

    GEORGE (THE BEARDED) OF SAXONY. Referred to also as "the Rich," duke of Saxony, opponent of lutheranism; b. Dresden, Aug. 27, 1471; d. there, April 17, 1539. The son of Albert the Brave, founder of that line of the Wettin house that bore his name, and Sidonia, daughter of Bohemian King George of Podie-brad.

  4. Reformation - Wikipedia

    Although the German king Sigismund of Luxemburg (r. 1410–1437) had granted him safe conduct, ... 1509–1567) and George, Duke of Saxony (r. 1500–1539). Müntzer ...

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  5. Thirty Years' War - Wikipedia'_War

    The Thirty Years' War [l] was one of the longest and most destructive conflicts in European history, lasting from 1618 to 1648.

  6. George, Duke of Saxony - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Saxony

    Religion. Roman Catholicism. George the Bearded ( Meissen, 27 August 1471 – Dresden, 17 April 1539) was Duke of Saxony from 1500 to 1539 known for his opposition to the Reformation. While the Ernestine line embraced Lutheranism, the Albertines (headed by George) were reluctant to do so.

  7. John George I, Elector of Saxony - Wikipedia,_Elector_of...

    John George I (5 March 1585 – 8 October 1656) was Elector of Saxony from 1611 to 1656. He led Saxony through the Thirty Years' War, which dominated his 45-year reign.

  8. Prince Johann Georg of Saxony - Wikipedia

    Johann Georg was the sixth of eight children and the second son of George of Saxony, the penultimate king of Saxony, and his wife Infanta Maria Ana of Portugal. The prince was raised in Dresden and received a strict Roman Catholic upbringing. Johann Georg's early education was conducted by private teachers until 1881 when he began his military ...

  9. God Save the King - Wikipedia

    " God Save the King " (alternatively " God Save the Queen " when the UK monarch is female) is the national anthem of the United Kingdom and the royal anthem of each of the British Crown Dependencies, [1] [2] one of two national anthems of New Zealand since 1977, and the royal anthem of most Commonwealth realms.

  10. List of wars involving Denmark - Wikipedia

    War between King Haakon the Good and the sons of Eirik Bloodaxe: Sons of Eric Bloodaxe Kingdom of Denmark Norway: Defeat. Harald Greycloak becomes king of Norway. 974-983 Harald Bluetooth's Rebellion against Otto II: Kingdom of Denmark Norwegian vasal Obotrites (983) Holy Roman Empire: Stalemate. Danish sovereignty confirmed; 986 Battle of ...

  11. Italy sank into grief! The president known as King George has ...

    The president known as King George has died - Friday 22nd September 2023 04:12 PM El Maestro: A great result against a motivated team in a stadium with great energy (VIDEO) – CSKA - Friday 22nd September 2023 04:11 PM