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  3. Grand Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    Synonyms of grand 1 a : having more importance than others : foremost b : having higher rank than others bearing the same general designation the grand champion 2 a : inclusive, comprehensive the grand total of all money paid out b : definitive, incontrovertible grand example 3 : chief, principal the grand ballroom 4

  4. 478 Synonyms & Antonyms of GRAND - Merriam-Webster

    adjective Definition of grand 1 as in magnificent large and impressive in size, grandeur, extent, or conception the grand ceremonies that typically mark the opening of the Olympic Games Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance magnificent glorious epic majestic imposing monumental regal royal massive imperial colossal grandiose impressive proud splendid

  5. GRAND | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary

    grand adjective (SPLENDID) C1. impressive and large or important: The Palace of Versailles is very grand. They always entertain their guests in grand style. used in the name of a place or building to show that it is large or beautiful and deserves to be admired: the Grand Hotel. the Grand Canyon.

  6. See definition of grand on adj. impressive, great adj. most important synonyms for grand Compare Synonyms ambitious awe-inspiring dignified glorious grandiose imposing large lofty luxurious magnificent marvelous monumental noble opulent palatial splendid stately sumptuous august dynamite elevated fine rich smashing striking super

  7. having or expressing dignity; especially formality or stateliness in bearing or appearance adjective rich and superior in quality synonyms: deluxe, gilded, luxurious, opulent, princely, sumptuous rich suggestive of or characterized by great expense adjective the most important and magnificent in adornment “ grand ballroom” “ grand staircase”

  8. grand ( ɡrænd) adj 1. large or impressive in size, extent, or consequence: grand mountain scenery. 2. characterized by or attended with magnificence or display; sumptuous: a grand feast. 3. of great distinction or pretension; dignified or haughty 4. designed to impress: he punctuated his story with grand gestures. 5. very good; wonderful

  9. Grand Appliance is a family owned appliance, electronics and mattress store with locations serving Appleton, Chicago, Davenport, Indianapolis, Madison, Milwaukee. We offer the best service, in-home delivery, professional installation and big savings every day.

  10. Grand - قراند - Apps on Google Play

    Welcome to the Official and Real Grand Game Mobile from Shanab Games Studio. The Latest and Most Amazing Open world and Real Life Game in the Middle East and the Gulf. Enjoy Grand Season 2 !! That...

  11. ‘A new chapter’: Grand Central Madison finally opens as first...

    The “Grand Central Direct” shuttle train left Jamaica, Queens at 10:46 a.m. on Jan. 25, carrying Governor Kathy Hochul, MTA Chair Janno Lieber and 900 other commuters, MTA officials, and ...

  12. Grand Forks man accused of possessing child pornography

    GRAND FORKS — A Grand Forks man was charged with 10 counts of child pornography possession on Thursday, Jan. 26. Daniel Alexander Boyer, 42, had an initial appearance in court on Friday...