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  2. Wuhan Guiyuan Temple, Guiyuan Zen Temple - China Highlights

    Guiyuan Buddhist Temple is also called Guiyuan Zen Temple. It stands first among the Four Buddhist Monasteries of Wuhan (the other three are Baotong Zen Temple, Gude Buddhist Temple and Zhengjue Buddhist Temple). It is located on Cuiwei Road of Hanyang District in Wuhan, the largest city in inland China. Guiyuan Buddhist Temple covers an area ...

  3. Guiyuan Temple - Wikipedia

    Guiyuan Temple (simplified Chinese: 归元寺; traditional Chinese: 歸元寺; pinyin: Guīyuán Sì) is a Buddhist temple located on Cuiwei Road in Hanyang District of Wuhan, Hubei, China. It was built in the 15th year of Shunzhi period (1658) of the Qing dynasty (1644–1911), and has a land area of 4.67 acres (1.89 ha). The New Pavilion ...

  4. Guiyuan Temple – Wuhan, China - Atlas Obscura

    Guiyuan Temple is located in the Hanyang district. Construction on the temple began under the tutelage of a Buddhist monk called Bai Guang, and was completed in 1658.

  5. Guiyuan Buddhist Temple, Temple of Original Purity, Wuhan

    Guiyuan Temple is one of the four best temples in Wuhan city. Built in Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), the temple is in a garden style with five courtyards, covering an area of 46,900 square meters (55,812 square yards).

  6. Guiyuan Buddhist Temple - Top China Travel

    Located in Guiyuan Temple Road, Hangyang District, Wuhan, Guiyuan Temple is famous as the first Chan (Zen) temple to be built in Hubei Province. It was constructed in 1658, the fifth year of reign of Shunzhi Emperor in Qing Dynasty. It is a large building complex, featuring many a variety of structures with the most famous being the Hall of ...

  7. DFW Hindu Temple Society

    The mission of the D/FW Hindu temple is to provide a place of worship and be the Spiritual Resource Center for the Hindu Community living in the metropolitan areas of Dallas/Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.

  8. Culte avec Cène. Dimanche 19 Mars 2023 10:30. Eglise du Temple Neuf. Pasteur Rudi Popp. 19. MAR. Ecole biblique. Dimanche 19 Mars 2023 10:30. Salle Tauler.

  9. 1,台北日月潭的英文怎么写. 台北日月潭的英文:Taipei Riyuetan Lake Lake 读法 英 [leɪk] 美 [lek] 1、n. 湖;深红色颜料;胭脂红 2、vt. (使)血球溶解 3、vi. (使)血球溶解 短语: 1、east lake 东湖 2、lake basin 湖盆;湖泊盆地 3、lake district 湖泊地区(指英国的) 4、by ...

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