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  2. Guiyuan Temple - Wikipedia

    Guiyuan Temple (simplified Chinese: 归元寺; traditional Chinese: 歸元寺; pinyin: Guīyuán Sì) is a Buddhist temple located on Cuiwei Road in Hanyang District of Wuhan, Hubei, China. It was built in the 15th year of Shunzhi period (1658) of the Qing dynasty (1644–1911), and has a land area of 4.67 acres (1.89 ha). The New Pavilion ...

  3. Guiyuan Temple – Wuhan, China - Atlas Obscura

    Guiyuan Temple is located in the Hanyang district. Construction on the temple began under the tutelage of a Buddhist monk called Bai Guang, and was completed in 1658. The etymology of Guiyuan...

  4. Wuhan Guiyuan Temple, Guiyuan Zen Temple - China Highlights

    Guiyuan Buddhist Temple is also called Guiyuan Zen Temple. It stands first among the Four Buddhist Monasteries of Wuhan (the other three are Baotong Zen Temple, Gude Buddhist Temple and Zhengjue Buddhist Temple). It is located on Cuiwei Road of Hanyang District in Wuhan, the largest city in inland China. Guiyuan Buddhist Temple covers an area ...

  5. Guiyuan Buddhist Temple, Temple of Original Purity, Wuhan

    Guiyuan Temple is one of the four best temples in Wuhan city. Built in Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), the temple is in a garden style with five courtyards, covering an area of 46,900 square meters (55,812 square yards).

  6. Wuhan Guiyuan Buddist Temple - China Travel

    Guiyuan, or Gui yuan ("Original purity"), Buddhist Temple, located in Wuhan, Hubei Province, is the fourth-largest Buddhist temple in China and ranks among Chinese Buddhism's most important places of worship. Originally built in the early part of the Qing (CE 1644-1911) Dynasty, Guiyuan Temple, with its many Buddhist sutras and other important ...

  7. Guiyuan Temple | Wuhan, China | Attractions - Lonely Planet

    An afternoon at this revered 350-year-old Buddhist temple can fluctuate between serenity and chaos, depending on the tour buses. Pass a large rectangular pond where turtles cling like shipwrecked sailors to two metal lotus flowers and examine the magnificently burnished cabinet housing Milefo in the first hall.

  8. Guiyuan Temple - The people's government of hubei province

    Guiyuan Temple is a Buddhist temple located in an urban part of Hanyang District of Wuhan, capital of central China’s Hubei Province. With a land area of 153 mu, it was built in Shunzhi 15th year (1658), Qing Dynasty. Guiyuan Temple enjoys a high reputation among Buddhists for its architecture, excellent sculptures and rich art collection.

  9. Guiyuan Temple attraction reviews - Guiyuan Temple tickets ...

    Guiyuan Temple is a famous Buddhist temple in Wuhan, Hubei. It is located in Hanyang District, Wuhan City. It was founded in 15 years in Qingshunzhi. It is the first of the four major Buddhist jungles in Wuhan (the other three are Baotong Temple, Xilian Temple, and Gude Temple).

  10. Guiyuan Buddhist Temple - Top China Travel

    Guiyuan Buddhist Temple Location No.20 Cuiwei Road, Zhongjia Village, Hanyang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Reasons to visit Ancient Buddhist temple. Our Ratings Opening Hours 8:30a.m.-5:00p.m. Located in Guiyuan Temple Road, Hangyang District, Wuhan, Guiyuan Temple is famous as the first Chan (Zen) temple to be built in Hubei Province.

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