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  2. How to Visit Gulangyu Island (Tips, Photos & Map) – China ...

    Gulangyu Island is a picturesque island about 600 meters off the southwest coast of Xiamen City (or exactly Xiamen Island). ABC of Gulangyu Island. Gulangyu Island is on the top of the Top 10 Attractions in Xiamen. “Gulang” literally means “Drum Waves”, which indicates the sound caused by the waves hitting the reefs and rocks.

  3. Treaty Port Gulangyu « Historic Shanghai

    Gulangyu came about its 19 th and early 20th century Western architecture just as Shanghai did, as a prize of the Opium Wars. Xiamen, of which Gulangyu was a part, was one of the five original treaty ports opened to trade when the Treaty of Nanjing ended the Opium Wars in 1842. The poetically named “Drum Wave Island”, from the sound of the ...

  4. Top 10 Things to Do in Gulangyu, Gulangyu Island Attractions

    Check the following popular Gulangyu attractions and things to do, including Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden, Piano Museum, Organ Museum, Hi! Heaven!, Haoyue Park and bathing beaches are all attractions on the island you can’t miss. More detailed information about highlights, transportation and traveling routes of Gulangyu Island, please ...

  5. Gulangyu island: Balancing past with present - CGTN

    Gulangyu has been given many nicknames, most notably the Island of Music. Renowned artists, performers and musicians were born there, such as 5-string fusion violist Jing, one of the people that call Gulangyu home. Though she believes change is an inescapable process, she's proud of the efforts the island has made.

  6. Explore Gulangyu – China's 52nd UNESCO world heritage site

    After years' of preparation and obtaining approvals at various levels, China's State Council finally recommended Gulangyu to UNESCO for consideration as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2016. In its bid, Gulangyu listed 53 groups of representative historical buildings, four historical roads and seven representative natural landscapes.

  7. Visit Gulangyu Island: Best of Gulangyu Island Tourism ...

    Visit Gulangyu Island. Take the ferry to this laid-back island, which is quite small, but known for its excellent seafood, beaches, music and historic architecture. Gulangyu Island, home to charming colonial villas, good air quality and shady banyan trees, is a lovely and popular Xiamen destination. Wander down car-free lanes, stop in a small ...

  8. Kulangsu is a tiny island located on the estuary of the Chiu-lung River, facing the city of Xiamen. With the opening of a commercial port at Xiamen in 1843, and the establishment of the island as an international settlement in 1903, this island off the southern coast of the Chinese empire suddenly became an important window for Sino-foreign ...

  9. Sunlight Rock (Ri Guang Yan 日光岩) - Kulangsu (Gulangyu)

    Kulangsu (Gulangyu)’s top tourist attraction and highlight, lording over the beautiful island. From atop Sunlight Rock, you can see the entire coastline and hilly landscape of the island as well as sweeping views of downtown Xiamen–and, on a clear day, even Taiwan’s Jinmen Island.

  10. Highlights: Gulangyu, a haven of world music and architecture

    An international settlement dating back to the 19th century, Gulangyu off the shores of Xiamen City in Fujian Province is recognized for its unique blend of cultures. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the island is a living museum of exquisite architecture and was once seen as China's richest square mile due to its elite residents.

  11. China's new UNESCO site: Kulangsu | CNN

    Off the coast of Xiamen in Fujian province, Kulangsu (also known as Gulangyu) is not exactly your average village in southeastern China.. First of all, the tiny island, with just 4,000 households ...

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