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  2. Galina - Wikipedia

    Galina is the standard transliteration from Russian. It is generally transliterated as Halyna from Ukrainian (Ukrainian: Галина) and as Halina from Belarusian (Belarusian: Галіна). The latter form is also frequently found in Poland. Nicknames include Galya (or Halya), Galka (or Halka), Gala, Galochka, and Galechka.

  3. List of women composers by birth date - Wikipedia

    Halyna Ovcharenko (born 1963) Lucia Ronchetti (born 1963) Elena Ruehr (born 1963) Calliope Tsoupaki (born 1963) Hana Vejvodová (1963–1994) Debbie Wiseman (born 1963) Michiru Yamane (born 1963) Julia Gomelskaya (1964–2016) Gao Hong (born 1964) Yoko Kanno (born 1964) Eva Noer Kondrup (born 1964) Gabriela Ortiz (born 1964) Sarah Peebles (born ...

  4. 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary election - Wikipedia

    In June 2011 the Venice Commission reviewed a proposed Draft Law on the election of Ukrainian parliamentary members. The proposal sought to re-instate a parallel voting system – used in the 1998 and 2002 elections – with the establishment of 225 local single-member districts elected (in one round) by a first-past-the-post electoral system (candidate with the highest vote total wins); and ...

  5. Makhnovshchina - Wikipedia

    The Makhnovshchina's education system was spearheaded by Halyna Kuzmenko, a Ukrainian pedagogue and former primary school teacher. From as early as the February Revolution, teachers were already engaged in setting up schools in Huliaipole, with three secondary schools being established by 1919, despite the conditions of the war.

  6. Nestor Makhno - Wikipedia

    By August, those wounds convinced him to seek treatment abroad. Leaving Viktor Bilash in command of the Insurgent Army, Makhno, his wife Halyna Kuzmenko, and around 100 loyalists set out for the Polish border. Red Army attacks followed them; Makhno took a bullet in the neck and a number of his old friends died in battle in late August.

  7. Business Perspectives - Banks and Bank Systems

    Publication History. The journal “Banks and Bank Systems” ISSN (print) 1816-7403, ISSN (online) 1991-7074 was founded by LLC “CPC “Business Perspectives” (Sumy, Ukraine) in 2006 and registered by Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (No. КВ 23054-12894Р from December 11, 2017).

  8. March 23 - Wikipedia

    1978 – Halyna Kuzmenko, Ukrainian teacher and anarchist revolutionary (b. 1897) 1979 – Ted Anderson, English footballer (b. 1911) 1980 – Arthur Melvin Okun, American economist and academic (b. 1928) 1981 – Beatrice Tinsley, English-New Zealand astronomer and cosmologist (b. 1941) 1981 – Mike Hailwood, English motorcyclist (b. 1940)

  9. Version Download 2758 File Size 4.00 KB Create Date November 30, 2019 Volume-8 Issue-4, November 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online) Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

  10. January 9 - Wikipedia

    1897 – Halyna Kuzmenko, Ukrainian teacher and anarchist revolutionary (d. 1978) 1898 – Gracie Fields, English actress and singer (d. 1979) 1899 – Harald Tammer, Estonian journalist and weightlifter (d. 1942) 1900 – Richard Halliburton, American journalist and author (d. 1939) 1901–present

  11. 10+ Financial Accounting Books for Free! [PDF] -

    Poor financial accounting can cause serious problems for a company, and can even lead to bankruptcy. It is all about keeping a detailed record and a panoramic picture of the financial statements, so that the board of directors and the team of shareholders can make decisions.