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  2. Henry II of Castile - Wikipedia

    Henry II (13 January 1334 – 29 May 1379), called Henry of Trastámara or the Fratricidal ( el Fratricida ), was the first King of Castile and León from the House of Trastámara. He became king in 1369 by defeating his half-brother Peter the Cruel, after numerous rebellions and battles.

  3. Henry II | king of Castile | Britannica

    Henry II, also called (until 1369) Enrique, conde (count) de Trastámara, byname Henry of Trastámara, Henry the Fratricide, or The Bastard, Spanish Enrique de Trastámara, Enrique El Fratricida, El Bastardo, or El de las Mercedes (“He of the Largesse”), (born 1333—died May 29, 1379, Burgos, Castile [Spain]), king of Castile from 1369, founder of …

  4. Enrique II 'él de las Mercedes' Alfonso, rey de Castilla ...él-de-las...

    Henry II (January 13, 1334 Sevilla - May 29, 1379 Santo Domingo de la Calzada), better known as Henry of Trastámara (Enrique de Trastámara), 1st Conde de Trastamara, before his coronation, was the illegitimate son of Alfonso XI of Castile and Eleanor of Guzmán, half brother to Peter of Castile.

  5. Category:Henry II of Castile - Wikimedia Commons

    Henry II of Castile ( Seville, 13 January 1334 – Santo Domingo de la Calzada, 29 May 1379) was the first King of Castile and León from the House of Trastámara. He became king in 1369 by defeating his half-brother, king Peter I of Castile, after numerous rebellions and battles.

  6. Family tree of Castilian monarchs - Wikipedia

    Queen of Castile, Galicia, and León 1451–1504 r. 1474–1504: Ferdinand II of Aragon King of Castile, Galicia, and León 1452–1516 r. 1475–1504: Blanche II of Navarre 1424–1464: Henry IV the Impotent King of Castile, Galicia, and León 1425–1474 r. 1454–1474: Joan of Portugal 1439–1475: Family tree of Spanish monarchs also Kings ...

  7. John II of Castile - Wikipedia

    John II's reign, lasting 48 years, was one of the longest in Castilian history, but John himself was not a particularly capable monarch. He spent his time verse-making, hunting, and holding tournaments. His favourite, Álvaro de Luna, heavily influenced him until his second wife, Isabella of Portugal, obtained control of his feeble will.

  8. Henry of Castile the Senator - Infogalactic: the planetary ...

    Henry of Castile (March 1230 – 8 August 1303), called the Senator (el Senador), was a Castilian infante, the fourth son of Ferdinand III of Castile by his first wife, Beatrice of Swabia. Contents 1 Youth and rebellion

  9. Henry III of Castile - Wikipedia

    Henry III of Castile (4 October 1379 – 25 December 1406), called the Suffering due to his ill health (Spanish: Enrique el Doliente, Galician: Henrique o Doente ), was the son of John I and Eleanor of Aragon. [1] He succeeded his father as King of Castile in 1390. Contents 1 Birth and education 2 Marriage 3 Prince of Asturias 4 Reign 5 Tomb

  10. Henry IV of Castile - Wikipedia

    Henry IV of Castile ( Castilian: Enrique IV; 5 January 1425 – 11 December 1474), nicknamed the Impotent, was King of Castile and León and the last of the weak late-medieval kings of Castile and León. During Henry's reign, the nobles became more powerful and the nation became less centralised. Early life [ edit]

  11. Isabella I of Castile - Wikipedia

    Isabella was born in Madrigal de las Altas Torres to John II of Castile and his second wife, Isabella of Portugal, on 22 April 1451. At the time of Isabella's birth, she was second in line to the throne after her older half-brother Henry IV of Castile. Henry was 26 at that time and married, but childless.