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  2. Henry IV of Castile - Wikipedia

    Henry IV of Castile ( Castilian: Enrique IV; 5 January 1425 – 11 December 1474), nicknamed the Impotent, was King of Castile and León and the last of the weak late-medieval kings of Castile and León. During Henry's reign, the nobles became more powerful and the nation became less centralised.

  3. Henry IV | king of Castile | Britannica

    Henry IV, byname Henry the Impotent or Henry the Liberal, Spanish Enrique el Impotente or Enrique el Liberal, (born January 25, 1425, Valladolid, Castile [Spain]—died December 11, 1474, Madrid), king of Castile from 1454 to 1474, whose reign, though at first promising, became chaotic.

  4. Henry IV | king of France | Britannica

    Henry IV, also called (until 1572) Prince de Béarn, byname Henry of Navarre, or Henry of Bourbon, French Henri de Navarre, or Henry de Bourbon, (born Dec. 13, 1553, Pau, Béarn, Navarre [France]—died May 14, 1610, Paris, France), king of Navarre (as Henry III, 1572–89) and first Bourbon king of France (1589–1610), who, at the end of the ...

  5. Henry IV of France - Wikipedia

    Henry IV ( French: Henri IV; 13 December 1553 – 14 May 1610), also known by the epithets Good King Henry or Henry the Great, was King of Navarre (as Henry III) from 1572 and King of France from 1589 to 1610. He was the first monarch of France from the House of Bourbon, a cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty.

  6. Henry II of England - Wikipedia

    Henry II (5 March 1133 – 6 July 1189) was King of England from 1154 until his death in 1189. At various points in his life, he controlled England; substantial parts of Wales and Ireland; and a large part of France (including Normandy, Aquitaine and Anjou ), an area that was later called the Angevin Empire.

  7. The 37 Greatest Medieval TV Reveals - Moviesflix

    The Medieval interval actually isn’t recognized for its peaceable environment – fairly the other truly. Whether or not lords are

  8. Quenching your thirst in the Tudor era

    In the Tudor era, well water was unsuitable for human consumption, but it was safe to drink ale. The boiling of the water and the alcohol content killed harmful bacteria and created a drink that some Tudors described as tasting like “liquid bread”.

  9. Review: The King's Only Champion, by Dominic Pearce

    One of the perks of being an author published by Amberley Books is the opportunity to receive review copies of their new books. Recently I was lucky to receive an advance review copy of The King's Only Champion: James Graham, First Marquess of Montrose by Dominic Pearce.

  10. The spirit of Henry IV, say Crossword Clue Answers

    Rye whiskey Type of whiskey Whiskey - biscuit Whiskey for French royalty Still struggling to solve the crossword clue 'The spirit of Henry IV, say'? If you're still haven't solved the crossword clue The spirit of Henry IV, say then why not search our database by the letters you have already!

  11. Promo: Cold Blows the Wind by Catherine Meyrick

    I’m absolutely delighted to welcome my lovely author friend, Catherine Meyrick, to Ruins & Reading. Catherine is sharing an enticing excerpt from her novel, Cold Blows the Wind, which has just received a fabulous new cover.