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  2. Why is the US ramping up production of plutonium ‘pits’ for ...

    O n one side of the US – on New York’s Staten Island – the US army corps of engineers began this month to remove the radioactive remnants of Robert Oppenheimer’s Manhattan Project that produced the...

  3. As the US faces down new nuclear threats, will Cold War ...

    China has also expanded and modernized its nuclear program, and the US Department of Defense has estimated that China’s nuclear arsenal will likely grow to at least 1,500 deliverable warheads by 2035 if its buildup continues at its current pace.

    • How likely is nuclear war between Russia and the West?
    • What Happens If There’s A Nuclear Attack
    • How likely is nuclear war between Russia and the West?
    • Everything The US Government Has Planned For Surviving A Nuclear Attack
  4. What states are safe from nuclear war?

    Sources: – Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) – International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) – United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) What states are safe from nuclear war? - Clayton County Register

  5. Beyond Current Chaos: The Escalating Risks of Nuclear War

    When considered together as cumulative categories of nuclear war threat, all three component risks of an unintentional nuclear war would be “inadvertent.”Any particular case of an accidental nuclear war would be inadvertent, but not every case of inadvertent nuclear war would be the result of an accident.

  6. We Know War Is Awful, So Why Is It Making a Comeback?

    Those conflicts drove battle-related deaths for the world as a whole to a 28-year high of 237,000, the institute says. Believe it or not, 2023 is peaceful by comparison. The war that’s in the ...

  7. The U.S. Military Is Going to Blast a Nuclear Reactor Into Space

    The role of nuclear power may be up for debate on Earth, but in space, fission tech makes a lot of sense. The U.S. military—after already awarding Lockheed Martin with a contract related to the ...

  8. Could VTOL Fighters Help America Win World War III?

    nuclear war and the need for vtol aircraft For some time, nuclear war seemed not only possible, but even likely, as the two nations postured for territory and prestige.