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  2. How Long Do Omicron BA.2 Symptoms Last? - Verywell Health

    The average patient will experience symptoms for about five days, Morris said. For some, symptoms last as much as 10 to 14 days. Others experience no symptoms at all. Morris said symptoms indicative of pneumonia or respiratory failure, like shortness of breath, chest pain, cough tend to show up later, between day five and 10.

  3. Omicron Infection Timeline: When Symptoms Start and How Long ...

    As far as how long these Omicron symptoms last, research published in April 2022 in The Lancet shows that people have acute symptoms for about six to seven days—about two days shorter...

  4. Here are 2 long-lasting omicron symptoms you should know ...

    Arwady added that people may be fatigued for longer as well, but most people feel better from a few days to a few weeks after their symptoms appear. What are the top omicron symptoms to look out for? As I previously reported, omicron subvariants have a shorter incubation period, which is why the symptoms may appear earlier.

  5. How Long Does An Omicron Infection Last? - Verywell Health

    Studies suggest that Omicron infections can last in the body for up to 10 days. This is the same timeframe observed during the Delta wave, but slightly shorter than the two week endurance of the initial COVID-19 strain. Whether changes in duration of infection are a result of variant characteristics or the public's vaccination status is unclear.

  6. This Is How Long Your Omicron Symptoms Will Last ... - Yahoo!

    One study found that Omicron symptoms could last anywhere from a few days to a week. Some of the earliest information on the duration of the virus comes from a study that looked at one of the...

  7. This is how long your Omicron symptoms will last, doctors say

    “In general, you may see symptoms start two to 14 days after infection. The incubation period varies among individuals, and it varies depending on the variant. “Even though you do not have symptoms in the incubation period, you can transmit the coronavirus to another person during this stage.”

  8. Infected With Omicron? Your Symptoms May Last For These Many Days

    Therefore, experts say that those infected with Omicron COVID variant will experience symptoms for about five days. While, for some, symptoms last as much as 10 to 14 days. While, for some ...

  9. The 5 stages of an Omicron infection you need to know about

    Stage two is around two or three days with no symptoms presenting yet. Omicron is thought to be much faster working than Delta or Alpha - so you will likely see symptoms sooner, around the two day mark. Of course some people won't see any at all throughout their entire infection.

  10. When is it safe to stop isolating after you have an omicron ...

    At least three studies have found that people infected with omicron still have virus levels high enough to be contagious more than five days after their symptoms began. Researchers looked at...

  11. How Long Are You Contagious When You Have COVID? | HuffPost Life

    Most people are contagious for about 10 days. It’s not always clear how long a person is contagious because, like a lot of things with COVID-19, the exact timeline depends on many factors, said Dr. Stuart Ray, a professor of medicine and infectious diseases at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore.

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    related to: How long do Omicron symptoms last?