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  2. Huis Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    noun ˈhü (ˌ)ē plural -s 1 Hawaii a : partnership, syndicate efforts by mainland capital to gain control of Hawaiian Airlines are believed to have been thwarted by a local hui that has secretly bought close to 70,000 shares Honolulu Advertiser b : club, association

  3. huis - Wiktionary

    huis n ( plural huizen, diminutive huisje n ) A house, home; residence . synonym Synonym: woning An adjoining building with a separate function. A genealogical house, such as a dynasty. A house or chamber in a lesgislative assembly. A housing structure, casing. Usage notes [ edit] Case forms of this noun remain in, albeit very limited, use:

  4. A member of a traditionally Muslim people of northwest China, descended chiefly from the Han and an important minority of the Chinese population. [Chinese (Mandarin) Huí, shortened from Huíhuí, from Middle Chinese xɦuaj-xɦuaj, any of various Muslim peoples of the Song dynasty .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

  5. À huis clos Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Websterà huis clos

    À huis clos Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster Definition Entries Near Show more Save Word à huis clos French phrase ä-wʸē-klō : with closed doors : behind closed doors Dictionary Entries Near à huis clos ahuehuete à huis clos ahull See More Nearby Entries Cite this Entry Style “à huis clos.”

  6. HUIS discography and reviews

    Huis is a band project assembled by Michel St. Pere, the man behind the heavy neo-prog band Mystery, and "Neither in Heaven" is the band's second album. As with Mystery, Huis on this album follow the course of a heavy prog band with lots of synthesizer solos and abundant use of a heavy guitar sound.

  7. No Exit - Wikipedia

    The original title, Huis clos ("closed door"), is the French equivalent of the legal term in camera (Latin: "in a chamber"), referring to a private discussion behind closed doors. Plot [ edit ] Three damned souls, Joseph Garcin, Inèz Serrano, and Estelle Rigault, are brought to the same room in Hell and locked inside by a mysterious valet.

  8. No Exit | play by Sartre | Britannica

    Table of Contents. No Exit, one-act philosophical drama by Jean-Paul Sartre, performed in 1944 and published in 1945. Its original, French title, Huis clos, is sometimes also translated as In Camera or Dead End. The play proposes that “hell is other people” rather than a state created by God.

  9. About No Exit - CliffsNotes

    No Exit ( Huis Clos) is one of Sartre's finest plays; it is produced and studied more than any of his other dramas. The setting is Hell even though it resembles the real world around us. Three characters come together in this microcosm of Hell in a way which shows their indispensability to one another: They become inextricably involved in each other's stories, and they represent the fundamental idea of the play-namely, that other people are torture for us.

  10. Huis Huis Cape Town Rentals - Facebook

    Welcome to Huis Huis Cape Town Rentals This is a group for everyone who is looking for a flat to rent or just looking for a flatmate in the Cape … See more Private Only members can see who's in the group and what they post. Visible Anyone can find this group. History Group created on February 16, 2018. Name last changed on June 4, 2019. See more

  11. HOME | Huis

    Cet album, produit par Rushfest Scotland, est un album hommage à Rush sur lequel de nombreux groupes du monde entier ont enregistré des pièces du célèbre groupe canadien. À ce sujet, Huis a enregistré Ghost of a Chance (Roll the Bones). Vous pouvez entendre la chanson ici. Tous les bénéfices sont destinés à la recherche contre le cancer.