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  2. 59 Synonyms & Antonyms of IN THE KNOW - Merriam-Webster the know

    Synonyms for IN THE KNOW: aware, alerted, alert, wise, knowing, hip, informed, warned; Antonyms of IN THE KNOW: unaware, unconscious, unknowing, uninformed, oblivious, unwitting, unprepared, unmindful

  3. In The Know

    In The Know is your ultimate source for news stories you need to know delivered directly to you on the platforms you love.

  4. In the know Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster the know

    a (1) : to perceive directly : have direct cognition of. (2) : to have understanding of. importance of knowing oneself. (3) : to recognize the nature of : discern. b (1) : to recognize as being the same as something previously known.

  5. In the know definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    in the know. phrase. If you are in the know about something, especially something that is not known about or understood by many people, you have information about it. It was gratifying to be in the know about important people. He takes crucial decisions without consulting people in the know.

  6. BE IN THE KNOW | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary

    phrase. Add to word list. to have knowledge about something that most people do not have: This resort is considered by those who are in the know to have the best downhill skiing in Europe. Oh, if she's being too nosy, you can tell her to buzz off. She just wants to be in the know.

  7. In the know - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

    in the know. Knowledgeable or having access to information about something, especially that which is exclusive or secret. I'll give a call to my source at city hall. He's in the know about the mayor's plans.

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  9. In the know Definition & Meaning |

    in the know. Privy to special or secret information, as in Not too many people are in the know about this project. [Late 1800s] Words Nearby in the know. in the hole. in the hope. in the hot seat. in the interest of. in the interim.

  10. to have a familiarity or grasp of, as through study or experience: he knows French. 4. (also intr; may take a clause as object) to understand, be aware of, or perceive (facts, etc): he knows the answer now. 5. (foll byhow) to be sure or aware of (how to be or do something) 6. to experience, esp deeply: to know poverty.

  11. Original Series - In The Know

    In The Know is your ultimate source for news stories you need to know delivered directly to you on the platforms you love.