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  2. Ivan Ilyin - Wikipedia

    Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin or Il'in (Russian: Иванъ Александровичъ Ильинъ, 9 April [O.S. 28 March] 1883 – 21 December 1954) was a Russian jurist, religious and political philosopher, publicist, orator, and conservative monarchist.

  3. Ivan Ilyin, Putin’s Philosopher of Russian Fascism

    Timothy Snyder. Ivan Ilyin provided a metaphysical and moral justification for political totalitarianism, which he expressed in practical outlines for a fascist state. Today, his ideas have been revived and celebrated by Vladimir Putin. March 16, 2018. This is an expanded version of Timothy Snyder’s essay “ God Is a Russian ” in the April ...

  4. An Introduction to Ivan Ilyin, the Philosopher Behind the ...

    Ilyin was “a publicist, a conspiracy theorist, and a Russian nationalist with a core of fascistic leanings.” David Brooks identified Ilyin as one of a trio of nationalist philosophers Putin quotes and recommends.

  5. Putin’s philosophers: Who inspired him to invade Ukraine?

    The philosopher, who died in exile in Switzerland in 1954, was the main ideologue of the Russian anti-communist White Movement whose devotees emigrated out of Russia in the wake of the Bolshevik...

  6. Ivan Ilyin and the Ideology of Putin's Rule | Foreign Affairs

    Shown around the anniversary of his first inauguration (May 7, 2000), the movie offered a blunt message: in the 15 years of Putin’s rule, he had saved Russia from the forces of destruction, both internal—Chechnya and the oligarchs—and external—insidious Western influence.

  7. Read Ivan Ilyin to Understand Modern Russia - Crisis Magazine

    A philosopher who has influenced Vladimir Putin, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and a host of lesser-known players in Eurasian politics, Ilyin started out steeped in Western philosophy, but is now more associated with his work as an advocate of his native political traditions during the waning of the tsarist regime and the rise of the USSR.

  8. What’s going on inside Putin’s mind? His own words give us a...

    Last October, he spoke of regularly consulting a collection of political essays titled Our Tasks, the major work of Ivan Ilyin, who died in 1954.

  9. Ivan A. Ilyin: Russia’s “Non-Hegelian” Hegelian | SpringerLink

    The life and influence of Ivan Aleksandrovich Ilyin (1883–1954) must be approached in three distinct phases: (1) from youth to middle age, during which he emerged as a prominent philosopher and political theorist in his native Moscow; (2) the period of exile in Germany and Switzerland stretching from his enforced exile in 1922 until his death in...

  10. Ivan Ilyin - Wikiwand

    Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin or Il'in was a Russian jurist, religious and political philosopher, publicist, orator, and conservative monarchist. He perceived the February Revolution as a "temporary disorder" and the October Revolution as a "national catastrophe", and actively joined the struggle against the Bolshevik regime.

  11. Ivan Ilyin (Author of On Resistance to Evil by Force) - Goodreads

    It is a free and willing bondage, for it is born of inspiration. Not from servitude or slavishly “catering to the market.”. And not from any base servility before today’s bored neurotics who fill the salons, restaurants, dance clubs, and the columns of the “literati.”. Not servility, but service.”. About Ivan Ilyin: Ivan ...