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  2. List of leaders of Ukraine - Wikipedia

    Ivan Samoylovych (1630s–1690) Іван Самойлович 1672 (Cossack Grove) 17 June 1672 August 1687 arrested and exiled to Siberia 8 Ivan Mazepa (1639-1709) Іван Мазепа 1687 (Kolomak) 4 August 1687 6 November 1708 "stripped" of a title, discredited 9 Ivan Skoropadsky (1646–1722) Іван Скоропадський 1708 (Hlukhiv)

  3. Cossack Hetmanate - Wikipedia

    Following the anathema on Mazepa and the election of Ivan Skoropadsky, the Cossack Hetmanate was included in the Russian Kyiv Governorate in December 1708. Upon the death of Skoropadsky, the elections oh hetmans were discontinued and were awarded as a gift and a type of princely title, first to Moldavian noblemen and, later, to the Russian ...

  4. List of state leaders in the 17th century - Wikipedia

    Ivan Mazepa, Hetman of Left-bank Ukraine, Hetman of allied Hetmanate, Prince of Holy Roman Empire (1687-1704, 1704-1709, 1707-1709) Ivan Skoropadsky , Hetman of Left-Bank Ukraine (1708-1722) Pylyp Orlyk , Hetman in exile (1710-1742)

  5. List of wars involving Ukraine - Wikipedia

    Cossack Hetmanate (fraction of Ivan Skoropadsky) Moldavia: Decisive Ottoman victory. Treaty of Pruth: 1735–1739 Austro-Russian–Turkish War Russian Empire. Cossack Hetmanate Habsburg Empire Ottoman Empire. Crimean Khanate; Treaty of Niš, Treaty of Belgrade: 1768–1774 Russo-Turkish War Russian Empire. Zaporozhian Host; Greek insurgents

  6. What is tomorrow, November 27, holiday – everything about ...

    The founder of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was Hetman Ivan Skoropadsky. And the creation itself took place in 1918 during the constituent assembly. The first president of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was a geologist and geochemist Vernadsky.

  7. Pavlo Skoropadskyi - Timenote

    The father of Pavlo Pyotr Ivanovich Skoropadsky (1834–1885) was a Cavalry Guard Colonel and a veteran of the Caucasian War (Subjugation of Circassia, 1863). Afterwards he served as a speaker (marshal) for the Starodub County Council (zemstvo) (1869–1885) until his death.

  8. Stepan Bandera - Wikipedia

    The house of Bandera's family in Staryi Uhryniv, Ukraine After the dissolution of Austria-Hungary in the wake of World War I, Eastern Galicia briefly became part of the West Ukrainian People's Republic.

  9. Why did Mazepa really betray Peter | History 2023

    Ivan Stepanovich Mazepa, the hetman of the Zaporizhian Army, is one of the most prominent figures of the Petrine era. As you know, at first he "sworn" allegiance to Peter I, but during the war with the Swedes he went over to the side of King Kar. Did Mazepa betray Peter for the sake of Ukraine

  10. List of wars: 1500–1799 - Wikipedia–1799

    Cossack Hetmanate (fraction of Ivan Skoropadsky) Moldavia. 1711 1711 Cary's Rebellion: Province of Carolina: Party of Edward Hyde: 1711 1711 1711 Karamanli coup: Party of Ahmed Karamanli: Ottoman Tripolitania: 1711 1711 Battle of Ain Dara: Shihab dynasty Jumblatt clan of Chouf Talhuq clan of Gharb Nakad clan of Manasif Imad clan of Arqub . Abd ...

  11. Death: April 26, 1945 (71) Меттен, Бавария, Metten, Metten, Deggendorf, Bavaria, Germany. Place of Burial: Оберсдорф. Immediate Family: Son of Petro Ivanovych Skoropadskyi and Maria Skoropadskyi. Husband of Alexandra Petrovna Skoropadskaya. Father of Maria Pavlovna Montresor; Yelyzaveta (Elizaveta) Pavlovna Kuzim/Kuzhym ...