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  2. Skoropadsky family - Wikipedia

    The House of Skoropadsky (Ukrainian: Скоропадський) is a noble Ukrainian family of Cossack origin. Famous members. Ivan Skoropadsky (1646 – September 3, 1722; reigned 1708–1722) — Hetman of Zaporizhian Host, succeeded the deposed Hetman Ivan Mazepa after his defection to the Swedes during the Great Northern War.

  3. List of leaders of Ukraine - Wikipedia

    v t e This is a list that encompasses and includes all leaders and rulers in the history of Ukraine. This page includes the titles of the Grand Prince of Kyiv, Grand Prince of Chernigov, Grand Prince of Pereiaslavl, Grand Prince of Galicia–Volhynia, Hetman of Ukraine and President of Ukraine.

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  4. Ukrainism: Who constructed it and why. Part I - THE INTEL DROP

    The Ukrainian Scientific Institute in Berlin, headed by Ivan Mirchuk, conducted its activities under the auspices of German governmental institutions. Vyacheslav Lipinskiy, a close ally of Hetman Skoropadsky and author of the pro-fascist concept of “classocracy,” was employed by this institution.

  5. List of wars involving Ukraine - Wikipedia

    Cossack Hetmanate (fraction of Ivan Skoropadsky) Moldavia: Decisive Ottoman victory. Treaty of Pruth: 1735–1739 Austro-Russian–Turkish War Russian Empire. Cossack Hetmanate Habsburg Empire Ottoman Empire. Crimean Khanate; Treaty of Niš, Treaty of Belgrade: 1768–1774 Russo-Turkish War Russian Empire. Zaporozhian Host; Greek insurgents

  6. Stepan Bandera - Wikipedia

    The house of Bandera's family in Staryi Uhryniv, Ukraine After the dissolution of Austria-Hungary in the wake of World War I, Eastern Galicia briefly became part of the West Ukrainian People's Republic.

  7. Pavlo Skoropadsky | Ukrainian military officer | Britannica

    Other articles where Pavlo Skoropadsky is discussed: Ukraine: World War I and the struggle for independence: Pavlo Skoropadsky. A collateral descendant of an 18th-century Cossack hetman, Skoropadsky assumed the title “hetman of Ukraine” (which he intended to become hereditary), abrogated all laws passed by the Rada, and established a conservative regime that relied on the support of ...

  8. List of wars: 1500–1799 - Wikipedia–1799

    Cossack Hetmanate (fraction of Ivan Skoropadsky) Moldavia. 1711 1711 Cary's Rebellion: Province of Carolina: Party of Edward Hyde: 1711 1711 1711 Karamanli coup: Party of Ahmed Karamanli: Ottoman Tripolitania: 1711 1711 Battle of Ain Dara: Shihab dynasty Jumblatt clan of Chouf Talhuq clan of Gharb Nakad clan of Manasif Imad clan of Arqub . Abd ...

  9. National Bolshevism: The History of Red-Brownism

    Some Eurasianists, such as General Biskupsky, Avalov-Bermondt, Talberg, von der Golz, and Skoropadsky, went on to join the German National Socialist movement. Others, including Pyotr Savitsky, Pytro Suvchinsky, Lev Karsavin, and George Vernadsky, continued to maintain pro-Soviet positions.

  10. Oleksandra Skoropadska - Wikipedia

    Oleksandra Petrivna Skoropadska ( née: Durnovo; 23 May 1878 – 29 December 1952) was a spouse of Ukrainian political and military leader Pavlo Skoropadskyi, a member of the Skoropadsky family and Hetman of Ukraine (1918). 11 January 1898, she married Pavlo Skoropadskyi [1] From 1923, she worked at the Ukrainian Red Cross Assistance, which was ...