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  2. James II of Aragon - Wikipedia

    James II (Catalan: Jaume II; Aragonese: Chaime II; 10 April 1267 – 2 or 5 November 1327), called the Just, was the King of Aragon and Valencia and Count of Barcelona from 1291 to 1327. He was also the King of Sicily (as James I) from 1285 to 1295 and the King of Majorca from 1291 to 1298.

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      Blanche and her family in Bible of Naples. Blanche of Anjou...

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      John of Aragon (1304–1334, Pobo, Saragossa) was a prince of...

  3. James II | King of Majorca, Valencia & Catalonia | Britannica

    James II, byname James the Just, Spanish Jaime el Justo, (born c. 1264—died Nov. 3, 1327, Barcelona, Aragon [Spain]), king of Aragon from 1295 to 1327 and king of Sicily (as James I) from 1285 to 1295. At the death of his father, Peter III, on Nov. 11, 1285, James inherited Sicily, and his elder brother became Alfonso III of Aragon, Catalonia ...

  4. James II, King of Aragon |

    JAMES II, KING OF ARAGON. Reigned 1291 to Nov. 2, 1327, king also of Sicily from 1286; b. 1267; d. Barcelona. James II "the Just" continued the expansionist policies of his predecessors (James I of Aragon, Peter III of Aragon). He invaded Castile, meanwhile annexing much of its Kingdom of Murcia (1291 – 1301); he seized Gibraltar briefly ...

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  5. Ten Interesting Facts about King James II -

    September 18, 2023 By John Rabon No Comments. The last Stuart monarch of England and Scotland, most of what is known generally about King James II relates to how his time on the throne ended. However, there is much more to his life and reign than that. James often struggled with Parliament over his faith, religious tolerance, and the power of ...

  6. Reconquista - Wikipedia

    James I of Aragon, also known as James the Conqueror, expanded his territories to the north, south and east. James also signed the Treaty of Corbeil (1258), in which the French king renounced to any feudal claim over Catalonia.

  7. William and Mary, 1688: An Act declareing the Rights and ...

    Recital that the late King James II. had abdicated the Government, and that the Throne was vacant, and that the Prince of Orange had written Letters to the Lords and Commons for the choosing Representatives in Parliament.

  8. Sardinia - Wikipedia

    Sardinia ( / sɑːrˈdɪniə / sar-DIN-ee-ə; Italian: Sardegna [sarˈdeɲɲa]; Sardinian: Sardigna [saɾˈdiɲːa]) [a] [b] is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily, and one of the 20 regions of Italy. It is located west of the Italian Peninsula, north of Tunisia and immediately south of the French island of Corsica .

  9. In an appendix to his paper Grant Tapsell shows that such a pattern continued after the Restoration; of the 81 bishops who served under Charles II and James II, 66 had definitively served as chaplains , 57 of whom had been chaplains to the king or another member of the royal family. By contrast less than 20 per cent appear to have served in ...

  10. Jaime II of Aragon (1267-1327) - Find a Grave Memorial

    Jaime II of Aragon Birth 10 Aug 1267. Valencia, Provincia de València, Valenciana, Spain. Death 2 Nov 1327 (aged 60) Barcelona, Provincia de Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain.