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  2. John I of Portugal - Wikipedia

    John I (Portuguese: João [ʒuˈɐ̃w̃]; 11 April 1357 – 14 August 1433), also called John of Aviz, was King of Portugal from 1385 until his death in 1433. He is recognized chiefly for his role in Portugal's victory in a succession war with Castile , preserving his country's independence and establishing the Aviz (or Joanine) dynasty on the ...

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  3. John I | king of Portugal | Britannica

    John I, bynames the Prince of Fond Memory, John of Aviz, John the Great, and John the Bastard, Portuguese o Principe de Boa Memória, João de Aviz, João o Grande, and João o Bastardo, (born April 11, 1357, Lisbon—died August 14, 1433, Lisbon), king of Portugal from 1385 to 1433, who preserved his country’s independence from Castile and ...

  4. John I summary | Britannica

    John I, Portuguese João known as John of Aviz, (born April 11, 1357, Lisbon—died Aug. 14, 1433, Lisbon), King of Portugal (1385–1433) and founder of the Aviz dynasty. The illegitimate son of Pedro I, he was elected king in 1385 despite the rivalry of Castilian candidates.

  5. John I (portugal) |

    John I (1357–1433) King of Portugal (1385–1433). After the death of his half-brother, Ferdinand I, he resisted the proposed regency of Ferdinand's daughter, and was elected king. His reign marked the start of Portugal's maritime expansion. World Encyclopedia More From

  6. John I of Portugal Biography - King of Portugal (1385-1433 ...

    John I of Portugal was a king of Portugal and the Algarve in the 14th century. John I was the son of King Afonso IV of Portugal and his wife, Queen Beatrice of Castile. He became king in 1385 when his father died of the Black Death. John I was most famous for being the first king of Portugal to claim the title "Lord of Ceuta".

  7. John I of Portugal - The European Middle Ages

    John I of Portugal was born on April 11, 1357, to King Peter I of Portugal and his mistress, Teresa Lourenco. As an illegitimate son, John wasn’t intended to inherit the throne. Instead, Peter appointed the 6-year-old as the master of the Order of Aviz, a military organization.

  8. John of Portugal - Wikipedia

    John of Portugal (Portuguese: João) is the name of several Portuguese kings and other members of the Portuguese Royal Family: Kings. John I of Portugal (1357–1433) John II of Portugal (1455–1495) John III of Portugal (1502–1557) John IV of Portugal (1604–1656) John V of Portugal (1689–1750) John VI of Portugal (1767–1826) Infantes

  9. John IV of Portugal (d. 1656) was born on March 19, 1604.

    John IV, nicknamed John the Restorer, was the King of Portugal whose reign, lasting from 1640 until his death, began the Portuguese restoration of independence from Habsburg Spanish rule. His accession established the House of Braganza on the Portuguese throne, and marked the end of the 60-year-old Iberian Union by which Portugal and Spain ...

  10. John I of Portugal (King of Portugal) - On This Day

    Full Name: John I of Portugal also called John of Aviz Profession: King of Portugal Nationality: Biography: The reign of the Medieval king King John I (1385-1433), founder of the Aviz dynasty, for 48 years is the longest of any Portuguese monarch.

  11. 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/John I. of Portugalædia...

    JOHN I. (1357–1433), king of Portugal, the natural son of Pedro I. ( el Justicieiro ), was born at Lisbon on the 22nd of April 1357, and in 1364 was created grand-master of Aviz.