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  2. José de San Martín - Wikipediaé_de_San_Martín

    José de San Martín died on 17 August 1850, in his house at Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. Between 1850 and 1861, his corpse was buried in the crypt of the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Boulogne. He requested in his will to be taken to the cemetery without any funeral, and to be moved to Buenos Aires thereafter.

  3. Jose de San Martin | Biography & Facts | Britannica

    José de San Martín, (born February 25, 1778, Yapeyú, viceroyalty of Río de la Plata [now in Argentina]—died August 17, 1850, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France), Argentine soldier, statesman, and national hero who helped lead the revolutions against Spanish rule in Argentina (1812), Chile (1818), and Peru (1821).

  4. José de San Martín - Facts, Timeline & Life - Biography

    José de San Martín who helped lead the revolutions against Spanish rule in Argentina (1812), Chile (1818), and Peru (1821). The boldness of his plan to attack the viceroyalty of Lima by crossing ...

  5. José de San Martín - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreé_de_San_Martín

    José Francisco de San Martín y Matorras [3] (Yapeyú, Virreinato del Río de la Plata; 25 de febrero de 1778–Boulogne-sur-Mer, Francia; 17 de agosto de 1850) [4] fue un militar y político argentino, y uno de los libertadores de Argentina, Chile y Perú.

  6. José de San Martín summary | Britannica

    José de San Martín, (born Feb. 25, 1778, Yapeyú, Viceroyalty of Río de la Plata—died Aug. 17, 1850, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Fr.), National hero of Argentina who helped lead the revolutions against Spanish rule in Argentina (1812), Chile (1818), and Peru (1821). Son of a professional soldier and colonial administrator, he was educated in Spain.

  7. José Francisco de San Martín, Latin American Liberator -...

    José Francisco de San Martín (February 25, 1778–August 17, 1850) was an Argentine general and governor who led his nation during the wars of Independence from Spain. He is counted among the founding fathers of Argentina and also led the liberations of Chile and Peru.

  8. José de San Martín - New World Encyclopediaé_de_San_Martín

    José Francisco de San Martín Matorras, also known as José de San Martín (February 25, 1778 – August 17, 1850), was an Argentine general and the prime leader of the southern part of South America's successful struggle for independence from Spain . Born on February 25, 1778, in Yapeyú, Corrientes, he left his mother country at the early ...

  9. General José de San Martí­n Memorial (U.S. National Park Service)

    José de San Martín (1778–1850) was one of the fathers of South American independence and sought the creation of an alliance of nations in South America. Argentinean citizens gave this equestrian monument to the United States in 1925, and the bronze plaque on the back of the sculpture likens San Martín to George Washington because they ...

  10. Biografia de José de San Martín - Biografias y Vidas .com

    José de San Martín (detalle de un retrato de François Joseph Navez, c. 1824) Más tarde intervino en las guerras del Rosellón (1793) y de las Naranjas (1801), mereciendo sucesivos ascensos por su actuación; en 1803 era ya capitán de infantería en el regimiento de voluntarios de Campo Mayor.

  11. José de San Martín fue un militar americano que participó de las guerras independentistas hispanoamericanas. Su plan para atacar el poder realista en Perú, donde era más poderoso, permitió concretar la emancipación colonial de las actuales Argentina , Chile y Perú .