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  2. 카를 프리드리히 싱켈 - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전카를_프리드리히_싱켈

    콘체르트하우스 베를린. 카를 프리드리히 싱켈 독일어 : Karl Friedrich Schinkel, 1781년 12월 20일 1841년 12월 18일 ])은 독일 건축가 화가 이다. 고전파 건축 의 대성자이기도 하다. 노이루핀에서 태어나 화가 및 무대 장치가로 출발하였으나, 후에 건축 분야로 진출하였다 ...

  3. Karl Friedrich Schinkel - Wikipedia

    Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Karl Friedrich Schinkel (Neuruppin, 13 marzo 1781 – Berlino, 9 ottobre 1841) è stato un architetto ed un pittore prussiano.. Fu uno dei maggiori architetti del neoclassicismo tedesco, pur facendo convivere nella propria formazione influssi romantici e idealisti ed essendo stato tra i primi in Germania a promuovere la rivalorizzazione delle forme gotiche in ...

  4. Profile | Friedrichswerdersche Kirche

    The East-German authorities put it to use as an additional venue for the (Alte) Nationalgalerie. After undergoing renewed restoration from 1997 to 2000, the church housed a permanent display of early 19th-century sculpture. The Friedrichswerdersche Kirche was designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel and was constructed in the period from 1824 to 1830.

  5. Karl Friedrich Schinkel - 16 artworks -

    Karl Friedrich SchinkelArtworks. View all 16 artworks. Karl Friedrich Schinkel lived in the XVIII – XIX cent., a remarkable figure of German Neoclassicism. Find more works of this artist at – best visual art database.

  6. Berliner Bauakademie – Wikipedia

    Perspektivische Ansicht der Bauakademie, Zeichnung von Karl Friedrich Schinkel, 1833 Lageplan, Grundrisse und Schnitt, Zeichnung von Karl Friedrich Schinkel, 1833 Gründung. Die Bauakademie entstand aus der baulichen Fakultät der Berliner Akademie der Künste, die unter dem Kurfürsten Friedrich III. am 20. März 1699 – also fast einhundert ...

  7. Palace on the Acropolis - JSTOR

    Karl Friedrich Schinkel's Project for a Royal Palace on the Acropolis RAND CARTER Department of Art, Hamilton College Schinkel's project for a palace on the Athenian Acropolis was designed for Otto von Wittelsbach, who had been elected King of Greece in I832. Friedrich Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Prussia, suggested in A833 that Schinkel undertake

  8. Gothic Cathedral by a River - Wikipedia

    80 cm × 106.5 cm (31 in × 41.9 in) Location. Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin. Gothic Cathedral by a River (German - Gotischer Dom am Wasser) is an 1813 painting by German artist and architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. It shows an imaginary Gothic cathedral on an island in a river - Schinkel later became a noted proponent of Neo-Gothic architecture.

  9. Schinkel, Karl Friedrich: Biography of Neoclassical Architect

    Schinkel's Architecture. One of the greatest architects in 19th century Prussia, Karl Friedrich Schinkel is noted for his neoclassical architecture, which helped to define the look of the German capital. A student of the German architect and architecture-tutor Friedrich Gilly (1772-1800), the son of David Gilly (1748-1808), Schinkel designed ...

  10. Шинкель, Карл Фридрих — ВикипедияШинкель,_Карл...

    Карл Фри́дрих Ши́нкель ( нем. Karl Friedrich Schinkel; 13 марта 1781, Нойруппин, Бранденбург — 9 октября 1841, Берлин ) — немецкий архитектор, живописец, рисовальщик, театральный художник. Считается лидером ...

  11. Karl Friedrich Schinkel - Wikiwand

    Karl Friedrich Schinkel ( 13 de marzo de 1781, Neuruppin - 9 de octubre de 1841, Berlín) fue un arquitecto y pintor alemán . Schinkel fue el más destacado arquitecto del neoclasicismo en Alemania, siendo uno de los artífices de la ciudad de Berlín en su periodo prusiano. Como jefe del departamento de obras del Estado prusiano y arquitecto ...

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