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  2. La Malinche - Wikipedia

    La Malinche is a key character in the opera La Conquista (2005) by Italian composer Lorenzo Ferrero. Malinalli is the main character in a 2011 historical novel by Helen Heightsman Gordon, Malinalli of the Fifth Sun: The Slave Girl Who Changed the Fate of Mexico and Spain .

  3. Who Was La Malinche? - JSTOR Daily

    La Malinche was born Malinal, the daughter of an Aztec cacique (chief). This gave her an unusual level of education, which she would later leverage as a guide and interpreter for the Spanish. After her father’s death, she was sold to slavers by her mother. Her mother then staged a funeral to explain her daughter’s sudden disappearance.

  4. Who Was La Malinche? - Smithsonian Magazine

    Reporter In 1519, as Spain began brutally ravaging Mesoamerica, conquistador Hernán Cortés encountered the secret weapon who would help seal his victory: La Malinche. An enslaved Aztec girl who...

  5. La Malinche was a native Mesoamerican woman of a Nahua tribe who became a trusted adviser and translator to Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés. Her guidance proved instrumental in his takeover of the Aztec empire and by some accounts, she was also Cortés’s lover and mother of his child.

  6. 10 Facts About Dona 'La Malinche' Marina - ThoughtCo

    Christopher Minster Updated on July 04, 2019 A young native princess named Malinali from the town of Painala was sold into enslavement sometime between 1500 and 1518. She was destined for everlasting fame (or infamy, as some prefer) as Doña Marina, or "Malinche," the woman who helped conquistador Hernan Cortes topple the Aztec Empire.

  7. Life Story: Malitzen (La Malinche) - Women & the American Story

    In modern Mexican culture, her nickname, La Malinche, has become synonymous with deceit and betrayal. But this interpretation of Malitzen’s actions ignores one key fact: throughout the conquest, no matter how much power she seemed to wield, Malitzen was a slave.

  8. La Malinche: the woman who helped destroy the Aztec Empire

    La Malinche, also known as Malintzin or Doña Marina, is a figure of profound historical significance and enduring controversy. Born in the early 16th century, she would become a pivotal character in the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, serving as interpreter, advisor, and intermediary for the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés.

  9. A young Indigenous woman known as La Malinche played a central role in communicating between the Spanish and Indigenous populations of Mexico 500 years ago. The teenager had been gifted to Hernán...

  10. La Malinche | Stanford History Education Group

    La Malinche Topic: World History Time Period: 1500s Category: Lesson Plan La Malinche In this digital history lesson, students corroborate competing accounts about La Malinche, one of the most significant and controversial figures in Mexican history.

  11. La Malinche | Smithsonian's History Explorer

    La Malinche, the title of this lithograph, was the indigenous woman who translated for Cortés between Maya, Náhuatl, and Spanish during his first years in Mexico. Considered either as a traitor or a founding mother by some Mexicans, La Malinche was Cortés' lover and the mother of his favorite son Martín.