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  2. La Malinche was a native Mesoamerican woman of a Nahua tribe who became a trusted adviser and translator to Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés. Her guidance proved instrumental in his takeover of the Aztec empire and by some accounts, she was also Cortés’s lover and mother of his child. La Malinche’s contribution to the Spanish conquest ...

  3. La Malinche | National Museum of American History

    La Malinche, the title of this lithograph, was the indigenous woman who translated for Cortés between Maya, Náhuatl, and Spanish during his first years in Mexico. Considered either as a traitor or a founding mother by some Mexicans, La Malinche was Cortés's lover and the mother of his favorite son Martín. She and Moctezuma are also central ...

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  4. La Malinche - Spanish Conquest of Mexico - don Quijote

    Shortly afterward, Cortés’s Spanish wife arrived in Mexico and he arranged for Malinche to marry the conquistador Juan Jaramillo. Malinche would accompany Cortés one more time, this time on a military mission to Honduras. When she returned to Mexico, she gave birth to a daughter fathered by Jaramillo. Not much is known of her life beyond ...

  5. La Malinche is within Malinche National Park. There is a paved road that goes all the way up to 3100 meters where you can park and also sleep in the "Centro Vacacional IMSS La Malintzi. They have about 40 cabins, camping area, a shop, restaurant, basketball and soccer fields, etc.

  6. La Malinche Biography – Facts, Childhood, Family Life

    La Malinche was a Nahua woman from an indigenous Mexican region, best known for her role in the conquest of the Aztec Empire by the Spanish establishment. Born in the Mexican Valley ruled by the Aztecs, she grew up in the Nahuatl-speaking lands at the borders of the Aztec and the Mayan empires. Her father died soon after she was born.

  7. 5 cosas gratis que hacer del 24 al 31 de marzo: conocer mejor ...

    La Malinche, el musical producido por Nacho Cano (Mecano), quiere llevar la experiencia más allá y para ello ha organizado Las mañanitas de Malinche, unas jornadas que buscan ahondar más en...

  8. Femmes du Mexiques (revue Grandes figures historiques dans ...

    Femmes du Mexiques (revue. Grandes figures historiques dans les lettres et les arts. ) Appel à communications « Femmes du Mexique ». Peut-être parce que le Mexique a la réputation d’être l’un des pays les plus machistes d’Amérique Latine, la place faite aux femmes dans l’Histoire mexicaine est souvent limitée.

  9. “Al Ver Que Te Vas” ahora con el carisma y estilo de Banda El ...

    Este tema es un himno a la diversidad y a la fusión. Es la canción bandera del Musical, Malinche que hoy puede ser escuchada en la voz y estilo de la banda más grande de Hispanoamérica. El Recodo, refuerza su amor por México y demuestra que en la música no hay barreras.

  10. Feminism in Mexico - Wikipedia

    The most famous indigenous woman is Doña Marina, also known as La Malinche, whose role in the conquest of Mexico as cultural translator of Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés depicted her as a traitor to her race and to Mexico.

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