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  2. Leaning Tower of Pisa - Wikipedia

    The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italian: torre pendente di Pisa), or simply, the Tower of Pisa (torre di Pisa [ˈtorre di ˈpiːza; ˈpiːsa]), is the campanile, or freestanding bell tower, of Pisa Cathedral. It is known for its nearly four-degree lean, the result of an unstable foundation.

  3. Leaning Tower of Pisa | History, Architecture, Foundation & Lean

    Leaning Tower of Pisa, medieval structure in Pisa, Italy, that is famous for the settling of its foundations, which caused it to lean 5.5 degrees (about 15 feet [4.5 metres]) from the perpendicular in the late 20th century. Extensive work was subsequently done to straighten the tower, and its lean.

  4. Why does the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean? | HISTORY

    By 1990, it was leaning 5.5 degrees (or some 15 feet) from the perpendicular–the most extreme angle yet. That year, the monument was closed to visitors and the bells removed as engineers started...

  5. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most remarkable architectural structures from medieval Europe. It is located in the Italian town of Pisa, one of the most visited European cities. Leaning Tower of Pisa Facts: Tower of Pisa stands at 60 metres and until 1990 was leaning at about a 10 degree angle.

  6. Leaning Tower of Pisa - All You Need to Know BEFORE You ... - ...

    Leaning Tower of Pisa. If you are touring Italy and will be traveling in the area, visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa! The area where the Tower is, the Piazza Dei Miracoli di Norte is beautiful and the area and building so clean! The Tower of Pisa is just one of several beautiful buildings you can ttour!

  7. 14 Fascinating Facts About the Leaning Tower of Pisa - Mental...

    The Leaning Tower of Pisa may be the world’s greatest spot for a tourist photo (5 million people visit annually), but there’s a lot more to this centuries-old icon than lighthearted images of...

  8. The Leaning Tower of Pisa: The Complete Guide - TripSavvy

    Leaning Tower of Pisa Address Piazza del Duomo, 56126 Pisa PI, Italy Phone +39 050 835011 Web Visit website The city of Pisa, located in northern Tuscany approximately 50 miles west of Florence, is home to the iconic 13th-century Leaning Tower of Pisa (pronounced peez-ah, not pizza ).

  9. Leaning Tower of Pisa - Simple English Wikipedia, the free...

    The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a building in Pisa, Italy. It is a bell tower. It is famous because it is not vertical. In 1990 the tower was leaning at 5.5 degrees and increasing. After that, much restoration work has been done to stop it from falling over completely.

  10. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, begun in 1174 and completed in the 14th century, is also round and is constructed throughout of white marble, inlaid on the exterior with coloured marbles. The uneven settling of the campanile’s foundations during its construction gave the structure a marked inclination that is now about 17 feet (5.2 m) out of the ...

  11. Leaning Tower | Pisa, Tuscany | Attractions - Lonely Planet

    Leaning Tower. Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, Europe. Top choice in Pisa. One of Italy's signature sights, the Torre Pendente truly lives up to its name, leaning a startling 3.9 degrees off the vertical. The 58m-high tower, officially the Duomo's campanile (bell tower), took almost 200 years to build, but was already listing when it was unveiled in 1372.