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  2. Louis I, Duke of Orléans - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Orléans

    Louis I of Orléans (13 March 1372 – 23 November 1407) was Duke of Orléans from 1392 to his death. He was also Duke of Touraine (1386–1392), Count of Valois (1386?–1406) Blois (1397–1407), Angoulême (1404–1407), Périgord (1400–1407) and Soissons (1404–07).

  3. Louis I, duke d’Orléans | Patron of Arts, Poet, Regent

    Louis I, duke d’Orléans, (born March 13, 1372, Paris—died Nov. 23, 1407, Paris), younger brother of King Charles VI and first in the second dynasty of dukes of Orléans. He initiated the power struggle with the dukes of Burgundy that became the dominating factor in 15th-century France.

  4. Assassination of Louis I, Duke of Orléans - Wikipedia

    The assassination of Louis I, Duke of Orléans took place on November 23, 1407 in Paris, France. The assassination occurred during the power struggles between two factions attempting to control the regency of France during the reign of Charles VI, who was seen as unfit to rule due to his mental illness.

  5. Duke of Orléans - Wikipediaéans

    Duke of Orléans ( French: Duc d'Orléans) was a French royal title usually granted by the King of France to one of his close relatives (usually a younger brother or son), or otherwise inherited through the male line.

  6. Louis, Duke of Orléans (1703–1752) - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Orléans...

    Louis, Duke of Orléans (4 August 1703 – 4 February 1752) was a member of the House of Bourbon, and as such was a prince du sang. At his father's death, he became the First Prince of the Blood ( Premier Prince du Sang) and Duke of Orléans.

  7. Louis Philippe I, Duke of Orléans - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    Louis Philippe I, Duke of Orléans (12 May 1725 – 18 November 1785), known as le Gros (the Fat), was a French royal of a cadet branch of the House of Bourbon. The First Prince of the Blood after 1752, he was the most senior male at the French court after the immediate royal family. He was the father of Philippe Égalité.

  8. Louis I de Valois, duc d'Orléans (1372 - 1407) - Genealogy

    Valentina Visconti wife Jean (Philippe) D' Orleans son Charles de Valois, I, Duc d'Orl... son Philippe d'Orléans, comte de Ve... son Louis D' Orleans son Jean II Valois, comte d'Angoulême son Marie D'orleans daughter Margaret, Countess of Vertus daughter Unknown D' Orleans son Unknown Daughter D' Orleans daughter

  9. Louis I, Duke of Orléans - Wikiwand,_Duke_of_Orléans

    Louis I of Orléans (13 March 1372 – 23 November 1407) was Duke of Orléans from 1392 to his death. He was also Duke of Touraine (1386 – 1392), Count of Valois (1386? – 1406) Blois (1397 – 1407), Angoulême (1404 – 1407), Périgord (1400 – 1407) and Soissons (1404–07).

  10. Louis, duke d’Orléans | Regency, Patronage & Politics

    Louis, duke d’Orléans, (born Aug. 4, 1703, Versailles, Fr.—died Feb. 4, 1752, Paris), son of Philippe II, duc d’Orléans; he became governor of Dauphiné (1719), commander of infantry (1721), and chief of the Conseil d’État. The death of his wife, Auguste-Marie-Jeanne, princess of Bade (1726), threw him into prolonged grief, and he ...

  11. The Duke of Orleans is Ambushed | History Today

    The Duke of Orleans was assassinated on November 23rd, 1407. Manuscript showing the madness of Charles VI. On an expedition against Pierre de Craon, the King, brandishing his sword, mistakes the members of his retinue for enemies and attacks them. The fact that Charles VI of France (r. 1380-1422) suffered from intermittent bouts of madness ...