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  2. Louis XVIII - Wikipedia

    Louis XVIII (Louis Stanislas Xavier; 17 November 1755 – 16 September 1824), known as the Desired (French: le Désiré), was King of France from 1814 to 1824, except for a brief interruption during the Hundred Days in 1815.

  3. Louis XVIII | King of France & Bourbon Restoration Monarch

    Louis XVIII, (born Nov. 17, 1755, Versailles, Fr.—died Sept. 16, 1824, Paris), king of France by title from 1795 and in fact from 1814 to 1824, except for the interruption of the Hundred Days, during which Napoleon attempted to recapture his empire.

  4. Religion. Roman Catholicism. Signature. Louis XVIII (17 November 1755 – 16 September 1824) was King of France from April 1814 to March 1815 and again from July 1815 to September 1824. He became king with the Bourbon Restoration of the monarchy after the overthrow of Napoleon I.

  5. "The king rotted on his throne": The Death of Louis XVIII

    Louis XVIII (Louis Stanislas Xavier; Versailles, France, 17th November 1755 – Paris, France, 16th September 1824) Louis XVIII in Coronation Robes by Robert Lefèvre, 1822. On this day we mark the anniversary of the death of another king of the house of Bourbon. The last French monarch to die on the throne, Louis XVIII's reign was not even a ...

  6. Bourbon Restoration | Monarchy, Louis XVIII, Revolution

    Bourbon Restoration, (1814–30) in France, the period that began when Napoleon I abdicated and the Bourbon monarchs were restored to the throne. The First Restoration occurred when Napoleon fell from power and Louis XVIII became king. Louis’ reign was interrupted by Napoleon’s return to France (see.

  7. Louis XVIII | Palace of Versailles

    Louis XVIII King of France and Navarre 1755 – 1824 The grandson of Louis XV and brother of Louis XVI, Louis Stanislas Xavier declared himself King of France in 1795, before officially becoming King Louis XVIII in 1814 at the fall of the Empire.

  8. Louis Xviii |

    LOUIS XVIII (1755–1824; ruled 1814–1815, 1815–1824), king of France. Born Louis-Stanislas-Xavier, the Count of Provence, at Versailles on 17 November 1755, Louis XVIII ruled France after the abdication of Napoleon I (1769–1821) in April 1814 until his own death in Paris on 16 September 1824. Working to reform the monarchy in the 1780s ...

  9. France - Revolution, Empire, Republic | Britannica

    Louis XVIII, 1815–24; Charles X, 1824–30; The revolution of 1830; The July Monarchy; The Second Republic and Second Empire. The revolution of 1848; The Second Republic, 1848–52; The Second Empire, 1852–70. The authoritarian years; The liberal years; The Franco-German War; The Third Republic. The Commune of Paris; The formative years ...

  10. Napoleonic Wars - Congress Vienna, Hundred Days, Europe

    Napoleonic Wars. Table of Contents. Napoleonic Wars - Congress Vienna, Hundred Days, Europe: With the return of the Bourbons in the person of Louis XVIII, a brother of Louis XVI, the Revolution returned to its starting point. France had received the constitutional monarchy that it had desired in 1789.

  11. Louis XVIII | Life, French Revolution, Restoration | History ...

    Louis XVIII. Louis XVIII ruled France from 1814 until 1824, with the exception of a brief period in 1815. He was exiled for twenty-three years: during the French Revolution and the Hundred Days. He ascended to the throne at a time in France when the country was going through a period of change.