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  2. María de Molina - Wikipediaía_de_Molina

    María Alfonso Téllez de Meneses (c. 1265 – 1321), known as María de Molina, was queen consort of Castile and León from 1284 to 1295 by marriage to Sancho IV of Castile, and served as regent for her minor son Ferdinand IV (1295 - c.1301) and later her grandson Alfonso XI of Castile (1312-1321).

  3. María de Molina - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreía_de_Molina

    María Alfonso de Meneses (c. 1264-Valladolid, 1 de julio de 1321), conocida como María de Molina, señora de Molina, hija del infante Alfonso de Molina y de su tercera esposa, Mayor Alfonso de Meneses, fue reina consorte de Castilla entre los años 1284 y 1295 por su matrimonio con Sancho IV de Castilla.

  4. María de Molina | queen of Castile and Leon | Britannica

    regency of Ferdinand IV. …and bravery of his mother, María de Molina, who acted as regent. He was further aided by the loyalty of the citizens of Ávila, where he took refuge during an anarchic period marked by conspiracies and rebellions of the Castilian nobility against the crown. Upon coming of age, Ferdinand rejected….

  5. Maria de Molina – In the service of God and the King (Part one)

    Although now known to history as Maria de Molina, she was baptised as Maria Alfonso de Meneses, but she would be granted the lordship of Molina in 1293. As the granddaughter of a King and Queen, she was raised by a nurse (ama) called Maria Dominguez and a governess (aya) called Maria Fernández Coronel.

  6. María de Molina | Real Academia de la Historia

    Reina de Castilla y León y esposa de Sancho IV. María Alfonso de Meneses, habitualmente aludida en la historiografía como María de Molina, haciendo con ello referencia al señorío de Molina, del que fue titular, fue hija del infante Alfonso de Molina, hermano del rey Fernando III, siendo, por tanto, nieta de Alfonso IX de León y de la ...

  7. María de Molina, Queen and Regent: Life and Rule in Castile ...

    Book Reviews. Paulette Pepin’s political biography of Queen María de Molina (1259–1321), wife of King Sancho IV of Castile-León (b. 1258, r. 1284–95), is a welcome addition to a growing body of studies on medieval queens and queenship. María is hardly a household name, but she was an important queen who, until recently, has received ...

  8. María de Molina, Queen and Regent: Life and Rule in Castile ...

    A major theme of this study is Maria de Molina’s role as dowager queen and regent as she continued to exercise her queenly power and authority to protect the throne of her son Fernando IV and, later, of her grandson Alfonso XI, and to provide peace and stability for the Kingdom of Castile-Leon. – From Amazon.