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  2. Maria Anna of Bavaria (born 1574) - Wikipedia

    Maria Anna of Bavaria (18 December 1574 – 8 March 1616) was a German princess, a member of the House of Wittelsbach by birth and an Archduchess consort of Inner Austria by marriage. Born in Munich , she was the fourth child and second (but eldest surviving) daughter of William V, Duke of Bavaria and Renata of Lorraine .

  3. Maria Anna of Bavaria (1574–1616) |

    Maria Anna of Bavaria (1574–1616)Queen of Bohemia and Hungary . Name variations: Mary; Mary Anne of Bavaria; Marie-Anne of Bavaria. Born on December 12, 1574, in Munich; died on March 8, 1616, in Graz; became first wife of Ferdinand II, king of Bohemia and Hungary (r. 1578–1637), Holy Roman emperor (r.

  4. Maria Anna of Bavaria (1610–1665) |

    Maria Anna of Bavaria (1610–1665)Electress of Bavaria . Born on January 13, 1610, in Graz; died on September 25, 1665, in Munich; daughter of Maria Anna of Bavaria (1574–1616) and Ferdinand II, king of Bohemia and Hungary (r. 1578–1637), Holy Roman emperor (r. 1619–1637); sister of Ferdinand III (1608–1657), king of Bohemia and Hungary, and Holy Roman emperor (r. 1637–1657 ...

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    • LONG VERSION: Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria's Tiara
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  5. Maria Anna of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Duchess Maria Anna of Bavaria, married Louis, Dauphin of France (1661–1711), great-granddaughter of the first, grandniece of the above. Maria Anna of Bavaria (1805-1877), who married Frederick Augustus II of Saxony. Maria Anna of Bavaria (b. 1975), youngest daughter of Prince Max, Duke in Bavaria.

  6. Family tree of German monarchs - Wikipedia

    Maria Anna of Bavaria 1574–1616: Maria Anna of Spain 1606–1646: Ferdinand III 1608–1657 King of Germany Holy Roman Emperor r. 1637–1657: Eleonora Gonzaga 1630–1686: Maria Leopoldine of Austria 1632–1649: Maria Anna of Austria 1610–1665: Maximilian I Elector of Bavaria 1573–1651: Cecilia Renata of Austria 1611–1644: Władysław ...

  7. List of monarchs of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Maria Anna of Bavaria 1551–1608: Charles II of Austria 1540–1590: Maria Anna of Bavaria 1551–1608: Catherine Michaela of Spain 1567–1597: John II of Zweibrücken 1584–1635: Charles I of Zweibrücken-Birkenfeld 1560–1600: Wolfgang William of Neuburg 1578–1653: Magdalene of Bavaria 1587–1628: John William of Jülich-Cleves-Berg ...

  8. Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Maria Anna Christine Victoria of Bavaria (French: Marie Anne Victoire; 28 November 1660 – 20 April 1690) was Dauphine of France by marriage to Louis, Grand Dauphin, son and heir of Louis XIV. She was known as la Grande Dauphine. The Dauphine was regarded a "pathetic" figure at the court of France, isolated and unappreciated due to the ...

  9. Ferdinand III: King of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor

    Empress Maria Anna died in 1646. Two years later, Ferdinand married again, to Maria Leopoldine of Austria; they had a son, Karl Josef, born in 1649. The empress died that same year, and Ferdinand married again two years later, to Eleonora Gonzaga; they had four children, two of whom lived into adulthood: Eleonora Maria (1653) and Ferdinand ...

  10. An imperial wedding in the city of love – NettyRoyal

    The bride was born in 1988 as third of the six daughters of Count Riprand von und zu Arco-Zinneberg and his wife Archduchess Maria-Beatrix “Beatrice” of Austria-Este. Her father’s mother was a daughter of Princess Gundelinde of Bavaria, while her mother was the granddaughter of the last emperor of Austria, Karl.

  11. History for Main/RoyalInbreeding - TV Tropes

    Ferdinand II was related to his own wife, Maria Anna of Bavaria, in at least 3 ways (1st cousins, 2nd cousins once removed, and 3rd cousins). Despite Phillip III and Margaret not being true 1st cousins, they were actually more closely related to each other than Ferdinand II was to Maria Anna.