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  2. Palestine, platitudes and silence | The Anarchist Library

    Nestor Makhno and Maria Nikiforova utilised the fight against Austro-Hungarian occupation of the Ukraine to turn the struggle into a class war (Shubin, 2017). Similarly Ricardo Flores Magon and comrades in the Mexican Revolution (Morris, 1994).

  3. Makhnovshchina - Wikipedia

    The Makhnovshchina ( Ukrainian: Махновщина, romanized : Makhnovshchyna) was a mass movement to establish anarchist communism in southern and eastern Ukraine during the Ukrainian War of Independence of 1917–1921. Named after Nestor Makhno, the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine, its aim was to create a ...

  4. Dances Sacred and Profane: Debussy’s Mastery of Musical ...

    Maria Nikiforova: The Ukrainian Revolutionary Anarchist Maria Nikiforova: The Ukrainian Revolutionary Anarchist Maria Nikiforova was a Ukrainian revolutionary anarchist who played a significant role in the anarchist movement in Ukraine during the early part of the 20th century. She was born in 1885 in Bolshiye Burluki, a small town in the ...

  5. Chester W. Nimitz quotes - 28 interesting quotes

    Nikiforova, Maria. Nimitz, Chester W. Nimoy, Leonard Nimzowitsch, Aron Nin, Anais Ninio, Jacques Niranjan, Sangeeta Niven, Larry Nix, Garth Nixon, Richard Nizer, Louis Nkomo, Joshua

  6. In the third verse, the singer mentions Marusya, a nickname for Maria Nikiforova, a prominent Ukrainian anarchist during the Russian Revolution. The lyrics suggest that Marusya is fierce and demanding, with the singer claiming ownership, saying, "I don't know who ignited the flame, but here she is, mine!"

  7. Central Powers intervention in the Russian Civil War

    Language links are at the top of the page across from the title.

  8. Crimean People's Republic - Wikipedia - Al-Quds University's_Republic

    The Crimean People's Republic was the first Turkic and Muslim democratic republic in the world. The Crimean People's Republic was declared by the initiative of the Kurultai of Crimean Tatars, [2] which stipulated the equality of all ethnicities within the peninsula; the largest proportion of people living in the Crimea at the time were Russian ...

  9. Luxembourg Art Week: cover versions of the Paperjam cover (2/5)

    Luxembourg has a “key role and card to play on the sustainable agenda”. Luxembourg Art Week, held at the Glacis from 9 to 12 November, drew an impressive crowd of more than 22,000. Several participants reenacted the pose from Alex Reding’s November Paperjam cover, with Guy Wolff skilfully capturing these moments.

  10. Index of philosophy articles (I–Q) - Wikipedia

    Maria Gaetana Agnesi; Maria Montessori; Maria Nikiforova; Maria Occhipinti; Maria Ossowska; María Zambrano; Maria: or, The Wrongs of Woman; Marian Hillar; Marian Jaworski; Marian Massonius; Marian Zdziechowski; Marianna Marquesa Florenzi; Mariano Artigas; Marie-Louise Berneri; Marie Equi; Marilena Chaui; Marilyn Frye; Marilyn McCord Adams ...

  11. Bringing Disciplined Thinking to Marketing - LinkedIn

    Maryna Nikiforova Business Development Manager @ GRT team | Business Development Published Nov 23, 2023 + Follow Marketing involves tough choices. Should you focus on ads or organic content?...