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  1. Matthias Erzberger (20 September 1875 – 26 August 1921) was a German publicist and politician (Centre Party), the minister of Finance from 1919 to 1920.

    Matthias Erzberger - Wikipedia
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  3. Matthias Erzberger - Wikipedia

    Matthias Erzberger (20 September 1875 – 26 August 1921) was a German writer and politician (Centre Party), the minister of Finance from 1919 to 1920. Prominent in the Catholic Centre Party, he spoke out against World War I from 1917 and as authorized representative of the Reich government signed the armistice between Germany and the Allied ...

  4. Matthias Erzberger | German politician | Britannica

    Matthias Erzberger, (born Sept. 20, 1875, Buttenhausen, Württemberg, Ger.—died Aug. 26, 1921, Black Forest, Baden), leader of the left wing of the Roman Catholic Centre Party in Germany and signatory of the Armistice of World War I.

  5. Erzberger: Negotiating the Armistice for Germany - OpenLearn ...

    Professor Annika Mombauer discusses the fate of Matthias Erzberger, the most hated man in post-war Germany. While the news of the Armistice of 11 November 1918 brought joy and celebration in Britain and its allied countries, in Germany, the reaction was different.

  6. All Quiet On The Western Front: Matthias Erzberger's Real History

    This article explores Erzberger’s real history, from his early days in politics to his role in the rise of the Nazis in postwar Germany. The 2022 Netflix adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front includes a character, Matthias Erzberger, based on a real German politician of the same name.

  7. 'All Quiet on the Western Front' director on Erzberger storyline

    On August 26, 1921, Erzberger was assassinated in Bad Griesbach, a spa in the Black Forest whilst out for a walk. He was killed by Heinrich Tillessen and Heinrich Schulz, members of the ultra ...

  8. SCHMITZ: Berger added the real-life character of Matthias Erzberger, a hapless German politician who was chosen to negotiate an armistice with the French after heavy German losses and who tries to ...

  9. The Assassination of Walther Rathenau | History Today

    In a murderous campaign, which began in 1921, they accounted for more than 350 deaths. Their first victim, shot down while holidaying in the Black Forest, was Matthias Erzberger, who had negotiated the 1918 Armistice. Their last was Walther Rathenau.

  10. Signing the Armistice | Facing History & Ourselves

    Matthias Erzberger, one of the new leaders from the Catholic Center Party, asked Paul von Hindenburg, the commander-in-chief of the German Armed Forces, for advice. Hindenburg tearfully told Erzberger to do his patriotic duty by signing the document immediately to end the fighting.

  11. Matthias Erzberger - Alpha History

    Matthias Erzberger. Matthias Erzberger (1875-1921) was a German politician from the Centre Party, a signer of the 1918 armistice and the Weimar finance minister in 1919-20. He was assassinated in August 1921. Erzberger was born in Württemberg, southern Germany, the son of a Catholic artisan.

  12. After WWI, Hundreds of Politicians Were Murdered in Germany

    Its first target was Matthias Erzberger, Germany’s minister of finance. The right-wing was furious that he had signed the Treaty of Versailles, and angry about the strict tax reforms he ushered ...