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  2. Apple Co-founder To Sell Huge Ranch To Become ... - KarunaNews

    Mike Markkula, an engineer who became Apple’s third employee, will sell the land to the Wildlands Conservancy for $35 million. The conservancy plans to open the property to the public for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding, and operate a regional conference center for environmental groups and education center for children.

  3. Meet the 5 Forgotten CEOs of Apple - Macmura

    Mike Markkula: The Investor and Interim CEO; John Sculley: The CEO Who Fired Steve Jobs; Michael Spindler: The First European CEO; Gil Amelio: The CEO Who Brought Back Steve Jobs; FAQ

  4. How Visionaries Secured the Funding They Needed - ilmfast

    Apple co-founder Steve Jobs secured funding for his revolutionary tech company by convincing angel investor Mike Markkula to invest $250,000 in Apple. This injection of capital allowed Apple to develop the first Apple II computer. Jobs later secured venture capital funding from A.C. “Mike” Markkula and Arthur Rock.

  5. Apple has a succession plan for who comes after Tim Cook - Quartz

    Mike Markkula, angel investor. 1981: Before becoming Apple’s second CEO, Mike Markkula was the company’s original angel investor and first chairman. In 1977, he funnels $250,000 (plus $80,000...

  6. What company made the first large investment in apple ...

    A millionaire retiree from Intel, Mike Markkula was an angel investor in Apple, actually the first investor in the company, who put $250k of his own money in the company in 1977 (roughly equivalent to $1 million today). Jobs later convinced him to actually join the company instead of just funding it.

  7. Steve Wozniak Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

    Mike Markkula. Daniel Kottke. Chris Espinosa. Nolan Bushnell. Taylor Swift. Last Updated: November 9, 2023. Info. Category: Richest Business Net Worth: $10 Million Date of Birth: Aug 11, 1950 (73 ...

  8. The Secret Behind Steve Jobs' and Apple's Success - LinkedIn

    Explore the untold secrets of Apple and Steve Jobs' legacy. Discover visionary insights, innovation tales, and the hidden brilliance that shaped a tech empire

  9. The unknown Silicon Valley "Seven Musketeers", take it~

    4. Apple's original real man at the helm: Mike Markkula. 5. Key Promoter of Recombinant DNA Technology Patents: Nils Reimers. 6. The Queen of Silicon Valley and the first Silicon Valley woman to take a tech company public: Sandra Kurtzger. 7. The founder of the biotechnology industry and the founder of Genentech: Robert Swanson

  10. 1, #57 - The Apple Marketing Philosophy

    On Imputing & Computing – Estimated Read Time: 48 seconds. 1, #57 - The Apple Marketing Philosophy On Imputing & Computing – Estimated Read Time: 48 seconds.

  11. A reminder of marketing lessons from the genius – Educli Blog

    Create marketing principles Apple today still adheres to the marketing principles that Steve Jobs created with his mentor, Mike Markkula. The three principles are: Understand and serve customers better than other; Do a few things well