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  2. Napoleon - Wikipedia

    Napoleon Bonaparte (born Napoleone Buonaparte; [1] [b] 15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821), later known by his regnal name Napoleon I, was a French emperor and military commander who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars.

  3. Napoleon Bonaparte - Biography, Facts & Death | HISTORY

    Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), also known as Napoleon I, was a French military leader and emperor who conquered much of Europe in the early 19th century. Born on the island of Corsica,...

  4. Napoleon I | Biography, Achievements, & Facts | Britannica

    Napoleon I (born August 15, 1769, Ajaccio, Corsica—died May 5, 1821, St. Helena Island) French general, first consul (1799–1804), and emperor of the French (1804–1814/15), one of the most celebrated personages in the history of the West.

  5. Napoleon's Life—and Mysterious Death—in Exile | HISTORY

    Napoleon’s Life—and Mysterious Death—in Exile. After his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo, the former emperor was placed in a 'wretched' home on a remote island. The facts about Napoleon ...

  6. Napoleon Bonaparte: Biography, Military General, French Emperor

    Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military general and emperor of France from 1804 to 1815. Read about his height, rise to power, quotes, exile, death, and more.

  7. Carlo Buonaparte. Mother. Letizia Ramolino. Napoleon Bonaparte ( French: Napoléon Bonaparte) [1] was a French politician and army leader who ruled France from 1799 to 1814 and for a short period (the "Hundred Days") in 1815. He became Emperor of the French and King of Italy as Napoleon I.

  8. Napoleon, French Napoléon Bonaparte orig. Italian Napoleone Buonaparte, (born Aug. 15, 1769, Ajaccio, Corsica—died May 5, 1821, St. Helena Island), French general and emperor (1804–15). Born to parents of Italian ancestry, he was educated in France and became an army officer in 1785.