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  2. Nestor Makhno, the anarchist of the Ukrainian countryside

    A destroyed building on a street in Hulyaipole, October 20, 2023. The city is on the front line of the war and is bombarded on a daily basis. GUILLAUME HERBAUT/VU’ FOR LE MONDE Before the war,...

  3. Makhnovshchina - Wikipedia

    The Makhnovshchina ( Ukrainian: Махновщина, romanized : Makhnovshchyna) was a mass movement to establish anarchist communism in southern and eastern Ukraine during the Ukrainian War of Independence of 1917–1921. Named after Nestor Makhno, the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine, its aim was to create a ...

  4. Between 1917 and 1920, various warring parties clashed in Ukraine: the Bolsheviks, the Whites, different groups of Ukrainian nationalists, the Poles, the Central Powers, the Entente and numerous independent commanders, the most famous of whom is Nestor Makhno.

  5. r/aPeoplesCalendar on Reddit: Makhnovia, also known as the ...

    For example, the Makhnovists, often cited as a form of government (with Nestor Makhno as their "leader"), were ostensibly organized to serve in a purely military role, with Makhno himself functioning as more of a strategist than commander. The economy of Makhnovia varied by region, from "market socialism" to anarcho-communism in character.

  6. Russian Civil War - Wikipedia

    The Russian Civil War [p] (7 November 1917 — 16 June 1923) [12] was a multi-party civil war in the former Russian Empire sparked by the overthrowing of the social-democratic Russian Provisional Government in the October Revolution, as many factions vied to determine Russia's political future.

  7. Trotsky's brushwood and Makhno's feather grass - Teller Report

    Trotsky and Nestor Makhno were born on the day of the Russian Revolution. Trotsky either sincerely cursed him in his articles, or just as sincerely praised him. "Makhno was a socialist, met with Lenin, fought mainly against the Germans, Ukrainian separatists and the Whites, and only in between, against the Reds" His contribution to the victory of the Bolsheviks is enormous, writes Leonid ...

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