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  1. Nestor Ivanovych Makhno ( , ; – July 25, 1934), commonly known as Bat ko Makhno ( ; , Father Makhno ), was a Ukrainian anarchist revolutionary and the commander of an independent anarchist army in Ukraine from 1917–21.

    Nestor Makhno - Wikipedia
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  3. Nestor Makhno - Wikipedia

    Nestor Ivanovych Makhno [a] (7 November 1888 – 25 July 1934), also known as Bat'ko Makhno ("Father Makhno"), [b] was a Ukrainian anarchist and the commander of the Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine Ukrainian Civil War. He established the Makhnovshchina (loosely translated as "Makhno movement"), a by the Ukrainian peasantry to establish ...

  4. Nestor Makhno, the anarchist of the Ukrainian countryside

    Subscribers only. Long Read After the 1917 Russian Revolution, this peasant's son became a feared wartime leader and a celebrated figure of anarchism, even in Paris, where he died in 1934.

  5. Flags of the Makhnovshchina - Wikipedia

    When one of the Union's members, Egor Bondarenko, was due to be hanged, he prophesied that his comrade Nestor Makhno would "hoist again the black flag of Anarchy that our enemies have snatched from us..." During his prison sentence, Makhno himself wrote poetry depicting a peasant revolution breaking out beneath the anarchist black flag.

  6. Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine - Wikipedia

    Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine. A flag used by the 2nd Consolidated Infantry Regiment of the RIAU. Inscription in Russian: "Death to oppressors of workers". Leaders. Nestor Makhno. Semen Karetnyk. Fedir Shchus. Viktor Bilash. Dates of operation.

  7. Makhno, Nestor Ivanovich |

    makhno, nestor ivanovich (1889 – 1934), leader of an insurgent peasant army in the civil war and hero of the libertarian Left. Born in Ukraine of peasant stock in Hulyai-Pole, Yekaterinoslav guberniya, Nestor Makhno (n é Mikhnenko) became an anarchist during the 1905 Revolution.

  8. Tachanka - Wikipedia

    Ukrainian anarchist leader Nestor Makhno pioneered the use of the tachanka en masse during the Russian Civil War. Makhno's forces relied so heavily upon the use of the tachanka that one Makhnovite referred to himself and his fellow troops as "a republic on tachanki". [7]

  9. The Ukrainian utopia that almost existed - The Washington Post

    This movement was known as the Makhnovshchina, after the name of its leader, Nestor Makhno. Advertisement Born in 1888 in Tsarist Russia, Makhno spent his youth hungry and angry. The official...

  10. Bomb-ravaged town turns to memory of Ukrainian anarchist for ...

    Staring out over Huliaipole’s bomb-ravaged main square is a statue of Nestor Makhno – an anarchist, revolutionary and freedom fighter, who has become a symbol of Ukraine’s independence struggle....

  11. Nestor Makhno - Wikiquote

    Nestor Makhno. Nestor Makhno (1921) Nestor Ivanovych Makhno (7 November 1888-25 July 1934) was a Ukrainian anarchist revolutionary and the commander of an independent anarchist army in Ukraine from 1917–21.

  12. Nestor Makhno and the Russian Civil War | History Today

    Nestor Makhno and the Russian Civil War During the fierce struggle that followed the Russian Revolution, writes David Footman, an intrepid Ukrainian guerilla leader waged war against Whites and Reds alike. David Footman | Published in History Today Volume 6 Issue 12 December 1956