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  3. Nicholas II of Russia - Wikipedia

    Nicholas II (Nikolai II Alexandrovich Romanov; 18 May [O.S. 6 May] 1868 – 17 July 1918), known in the Russian Orthodox Church as Saint Nicholas the Passion-Bearer, was the last Emperor of Russia, King of Congress Poland and Grand Duke of Finland, ruling from 1 November 1894 until his abdication on 15 March 1917.

  4. Nicholas II | Biography, Wife, Abdication, Death, & Facts

    Nicholas II, Russian in full Nikolay Aleksandrovich, (born May 6 [May 18, New Style], 1868, Tsarskoye Selo [now Pushkin], near St. Petersburg, Russia—died July 17, 1918, Yekaterinburg), the last Russian emperor (1894–1917), who, with his wife, Alexandra, and their children, was killed by the Bolsheviks after the October Revolution.

  5. Tsar Nicholas II - Death, Wife & Family - Biography

    Nicholas II. Nicholas II was the last tsar of Russia under Romanov rule. His poor handling of Bloody Sunday and Russia’s role in World War I led to his abdication and execution. Updated: May 26 ...

  6. Nicholas II (May 18, 1868–July 17, 1918) was the last czar of Russia. He ascended to the throne following the death of his father in 1894. Woefully unprepared for such a role, Nicholas II has been characterized as a naïve and incompetent leader.

  7. Nicholas II | The British Library

    Who was Nicholas II? Nicholas II was the last Tsar of the Russian Empire who ruled between 1894 and 1917 under the official title of ‘Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias’. What did Nicholas II do before he became Tsar?

  8. Nicholas II summary | Britannica

    Nicholas II, Russian Nikolay Aleksandrovich, (born May 18, 1868, Tsarskoye Selo, near St. Petersburg, Russia—died July 16/17, 1918, Yekaterinburg), Tsar of Russia (1894–1917). Son of Alexander III, he received a military education and succeeded his father as tsar in 1894.

  9. Why Czar Nicholas II and the Romanovs Were Murdered | HISTORY

    Why Czar Nicholas II and the Romanovs Were Murdered. The imperial family fell out of favor with the Russian public long before their execution by Bolsheviks in July 1918. When Nicholas Romanov was...

  10. Nicholas II, Czar of Russia - The New York Times

    Czar Nicholas II, Under Arrest and Doomed to Die. One of the most famous photos from the Russian Revolution was published a century ago in The New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial. By David W. Dunlap.

  11. Nicholas II of Russia - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    Nicholas II of Russia, (May 6, 1868 – July 17, 1918) was the last Tsar of the Russian Empire. He became Tsar in 1894 after his father, Tsar Alexander III died. His reign lasted until the 1917 Russian Revolution .

  12. Nicholas Ii (russia) |

    Nicholas II. Nicholas II (1868-1918), the czar of Russia from 1894 to 1917, was a staunch defender of autocracy. A weak monarch, he was forced to abdicate, thus ending more than 300 years of Romanov rule in Russia. The son of Alexander III, Nicholas was born on May 6, 1868.