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  2. Otto von Bismarck Facts | Britannica

    Otto von Bismarck, prime minister of Prussia (1862-73, 1873-90) and founder and first chancellor (1871-90) of the German Empire whose time in office took Prussia from the weakest of the five European powers to, as the unified German Empire, the foremost military and industrial power on the Continent.

  3. Role of Otto, Prince von Bismarck in unifying Germany

    Otto von Bismarck. Otto, prince von Bismarck, (born April 1, 1815, Schönhausen, Altmark, Prussia—died July 30, 1898, Friedrichsruh, near Hamburg), Prussian statesman who founded the German Empire in 1871 and served as its chancellor for 19 years. Born into the Prussian landowning elite, Bismarck studied law and was elected to the Prussian ...

  4. READ: Bismarck and German Nationalism - Khan Academy

    Bismarck and German Nationalism. By Bennett Sherry. In the 1800’s, nationalism enflamed passions all across Europe. The German-speaking kingdom of Prussia and its minister, Otto von Bismarck, used these passions to build a German nation-state.

  5. Otto von Bismarck - Domestic policy | Britannica

    Otto von Bismarck. Bismarck was a towering figure who put his stamp on his age, as Luther and Metternich had done earlier. When Bismarck became prime minister of Prussia in 1862, the kingdom was universally considered the weakest of the five European powers. Less than nine years later Prussia had been victorious in three wars, and a unified ...

  6. Otto von Bismarck - Prime minister | Britannica

    In 1859 Bismarck was sent to Russia as Prussian ambassador, and not long thereafter (May 1862) he moved to Paris as ambassador to the court of Napoleon III. Thus, he had 11 years of experience in foreign affairs before he became prime minister and foreign minster of Prussia in September 1862. He had come to know personally the architects of French, Russian, and Austrian foreign policy ...

  7. Otto von Bismarck – the greatest leader of all time ...

    Dr Neil Faulkner explains why he believes Otto von Bismarck is the greatest military leader of all time. When Otto von Bismarck became its Prime Minister in 1862, Prussia was a second-rate power overshadowed by Russia, Austria, France, and Britain. It was also unstable, its ancient monarchy and traditional Junker landowning class threatened by ...

  8. Who was Otto von Bismarck, the Founder of Modern Germany?

    Otto von Bismarck was born on April 1, 1815. He belonged to a noble family of Prussian Saxony heritage. His early efforts in his career would actually be focused on Prussian politics and not German politics due to this heritage. Bismarck grew up in comfort in Farther Pomerania, which was, at this time, a province of Prussia.

  9. Bismarck Tried to End Socialism’s Grip—By Offering Government ...

    It was 1881, and German chancellor Otto von Bismarck had a serious socialist problem. He’d passed the Anti-Socialist Law of 1878, which banned Social Democratic meetings, associations and ...

  10. TOP 25 QUOTES BY OTTO VON BISMARCK (of 114) | A-Z Quotes

    Otto von Bismarck. 242 Copy quote. Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Otto von Bismarck. Wise, Wisdom, Mistake. 274 Copy quote. People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election. Otto von Bismarck.

  11. 25 Interesting Facts About Otto von Bismarck

    Otto von Bismarck was a native of the Kingdom of Prussia. Once he challenged the politician Rudolf Virchow to a duel. Virchow accepted the challenge, but he offered two small sausages one of which was poisoned, instead of weapons. It was assumed that the duelists would eat one sausage each, and one of them would be lucky.

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