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  2. Otto von Bismarck - Wikipedia

    Otto, Prince of Bismarck, Count of Bismarck-Schönhausen, Duke of Lauenburg ( German: Otto Fürst von Bismarck, Graf von Bismarck-Schönhausen, Herzog zu Lauenburg, pronounced [ˈɔtoː fɔn ˈbɪsmaʁk] ( listen); 1 April 1815 – 30 July 1898), born Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck, was a conservative German statesman and diplomat.

  3. Otto von Bismarck | Biography, Significance, Accomplishments ...

    Otto von Bismarck, in full Otto Eduard Leopold, Fürst (prince) von Bismarck, Graf (count) von Bismarck-Schönhausen, Herzog (duke) von Lauenburg, (born April 1, 1815, Schönhausen, Altmark, Prussia [Germany]—died July 30, 1898, Friedrichsruh, near Hamburg), prime minister of Prussia (1862–73, 1873–90) and founder and first chancellor (1871–90) of the German Empire. Once the empire was ...

  4. Otto von Bismarck - Biography, World Wars & Facts - HISTORY

    Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898)—also known as the “Iron Chancellor”—was Chancellor of the newly-united German Empire from 1862 to 1890. During his tenure he modernized the nation and helped ...

  5. Otto Von Bismarck, Iron Chancellor Who Unified Germany

    Otto von Bismarck (April 1, 1818–July 30, 1898), a son of the Prussian aristocracy, unified Germany in the 1870s.And he actually dominated European affairs for decades through his brilliant and ruthless implementation of realpolitik, a system of politics based on practical, and not necessarily moral, considerations.

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  6. Otto von Bismarck - Imperial chancellor | Britannica

    Between 1870 and 1890 Bismarck earned the respect of European leaders for his earnest efforts in behalf of peace. Apart from a few colonial acquisitions in the mid-1880s, Germany had acted as a satiate power. All of Bismarck’s considerable tactical skills had been successful in creating a powerful German Empire in his first decade in power.

  7. Otto von Bismarck's Accomplishments & Significance -

    Otto von Bismarck, frequently referred to as the Iron Chancellor Bismarck, was the minister-president to the Prussian monarchs in the years 1862-1890 and the chancellor of the German Empire in the ...

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