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  2. Passy - Wikipedia

    Passy (French pronunciation: ) is an area of Paris, France, located in the 16th arrondissement, on the Right Bank. It is adjacent to Auteuil to the southwest, and Chaillot to the northeast. It is home to many of the city's wealthiest residents, hence its informal grouping in the Neuilly-Auteuil-Passy area.

  3. A day in Passy - Time Out Paris

    DR Passing by Passy Spend a day in one of Paris' most overlooked areas... Monday 21 November 2016 Paris’ 16th arrondissement has to be one of the most overlooked areas in the city - partly...

  4. A Full Guide to the Passy Neighborhood in Paris

    The Passy Cemetery is a quiet, peaceful haven at the edge of the district; while it’s much smaller than the more famous Père-Lachaise and Montparnasse cemeteries, it’s worth a stroll, especially on a sunny day. The cemetery is the final resting place of famous figures including composer Claude Débussy and American writer Natalie Clifford Barney.

  5. Passy Definition & Meaning |

    British Dictionary definitions for Passy Passy / ( French pasi) / noun Frédéric (frederik). 1822–1912, French politician and economist, who campaigned for international arbitration to prevent war: shared the first Nobel peace prize 1901

  6. Exploring the Passy Neighborhood in Paris - TripSavvy

    Facts about Passy and Surrounds The 16th is the largest arrondissement in Paris in terms of land area. It is the only district to contain two postal codes: 75016 and 75116. Despite this, its population density is lower when compared to many other districts.

  7. Passy - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

    passy slang A pacifier, a rubber nipple attached to a plastic ring that a baby or toddler sucks on to be calmed or contented. Our eldest son had his passy until he was nearly six! We wanted to make sure none of our kids ever needed passies to go to sleep or calm down after a tantrum.

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  9. Passy family - Wikipedia

    The Passy family is a French political family which had prominent members in 19th Century politics and 20th Century linguistics. Notable members of the family are all descended from Louis François Passy. He was born in Eure in northern France, and members of the family remained within the area for over a century.

  10. What does passy mean? - definitions

    Passy (French pronunciation: [pasi] (listen)) is an area of Paris, France, located in the 16th arrondissement, on the Right Bank. It is home to many of the city's wealthiest residents. Passy was a commune on the outskirts of Paris. In 1658, hot springs were discovered around which spa facilities were developed.

  11. Pas·sy (pă-sē′, pä-), Frédéric 1822-1912. French economist and pacifist who founded the International League for Peace (1867). In 1901 he shared the first Nobel Peace Prize. Passy , Paul Édouard 1859-1940. French philologist who founded the International Phonetic Association (1886).