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  2. Pavlo Skoropadskyi - Wikipedia

    Danylo Pavlovich Skoropadskyi (Saint Petersburg, 13 February 1904/6 – allegedly poisoned by the KGB, London, Middlesex, 23 February 1957), Leader of the Ukrainian Monarchists since 26 April 1945, who allegedly had one natural son by Alexandra "Lessia" ...vna Tuhay-Bey ( Kharkov - ?), daughter of ... ...vich Tuhay-Bey and wife ... ...vna Sylenko:

  3. Pavlo Skoropadsky | Ukrainian military officer | Britannica

    A collateral descendant of an 18th-century Cossack hetman, Skoropadsky assumed the title “hetman of Ukraine” (which he intended to become hereditary), abrogated all laws passed by the Rada, and established a conservative regime that relied on the support of landowners and the largely… Read More

  4. Pavlo Skoropadskyi – Hetman of the Ukrainian State 1918

    Pavlo Skoropadskyi died on 26 April 1945 from wounds sustained during a US Airforce bombardment of Plattling Railway Station in Bavaria. His funeral took place in the small town of Metten against a backdrop of exploding bombs and whistling bullets.

  5. Pavlo Skoropadskyi had no doubt about what would be done to him for such words in case of his falling into the hands of the NKGB. Indeed, he could have suffered the fate of Vasyl Vyshyvanyi, who on August 26, 1947, was kidnapped by SMERSH employees in the British zone of occupation of Vienna and soon placed in Lukyanivska prison, where he died.

  6. 1st Ukrainian Corps - Wikipedia

    The 1st Ukrainian Corps was a Ukrainianized combined–arms military formation created during the "democratization" of the army in Russia in August 1917 based on the 34th Army Corps of Lieutenant General Pavlo Skoropadskyi.

  7. Pavlo Skoropadskyi | Military Wiki | Fandom

    The father of Pavlo Pyotr Ivanovich Skoropadsky (1834–1885) was a Cavalry Guard Colonel and a veteran of the Caucasian War (Subjugation of Circassia, 1863). Afterwards he served as a speaker ( marshal) for the Starodub County Council ( zemstvo) (1869–1885) until his death.

  8. Pavlo Skoropadsky | The Kaiserreich Wiki | Fandom

    Pavlo Petrovich Skoropadskyi is a Ukrainian aristocrat, decorated Imperial Russian Army general of Cossack descent and the current Hetman of Ukraine . Contents 1 History 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Activities in Ukrainian Nation-building 1.3 Hetmanate 2 Personal Life 3 See also History Early Life

  9. Pavlo Skoropadskyi – Wikipedia

    Pavlo Skoropadskyi. Pavlo Petrovytš Skoropadskyi ( ukr. Павло Петрович Скоропадський, ven. Павел Петрович Скоропадский, Pavel Petrovitš Skoropadski; 3. toukokuuta 1873 Wiesbaden, Saksan keisarikunta – 26. huhtikuuta 1945 Metten, Saksa) oli ukrainalainen hetmani.

  10. Pavlo Skoropadskyi and Ukrainian National Identity - NYU ...

    One such figure is a little-known participant in the Revolution of 1917, the aristocrat and military leader Pavlo Skoropadskyi, who ruled a portion of modern Ukraine for seven months of the following year.

  11. Category:Pavlo Skoropadsky - Wikimedia Commons

    Skoropadsky became a conservative leader in Ukraine's unsuccessful struggle for independence following the Russian Revolution of 1917.