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  2. Pedro de Alvarado - Wikipedia

    Pedro de Alvarado (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈpeðɾo ðe alβaˈɾaðo]; c. 1485 – 4 July 1541) was a Spanish conquistador and governor of Guatemala. He participated in the conquest of Cuba, in Juan de Grijalva's exploration of the coasts of the Yucatán Peninsula and the Gulf of Mexico, and in the conquest of the Aztec Empire led by Hernán Cortés.

  3. Pedro de Alvarado | Biography & Facts | Britannica

    Pedro de Alvarado, (born c. 1485, Badajoz, Castile [Spain]—died 1541, in or near Guadalajara, New Spain [now in Mexico]), Spanish conquistador who helped conquer Mexico and Central America for Spain in the 16th century. Alvarado went to Santo Domingo in 1510 and in 1518 commanded one of Juan de Grijalba’s ships sent from Cuba to explore the Yucatán Peninsula. In February 1519 he ...

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  4. ‘Conquistadors and Aztecs’ Review: Cortés in Mexico - WSJ

    In 1949 Patrick Leigh Fermor considered the exploits of Cortés’s lieutenant, Pedro de Alvarado: “The story is so exciting that it would be impossible to turn it into a bore.” ...

  5. Why did Alvarado massacre the Aztecs? - Mexicolore

    Freeing the slaves, he arrested several priests who, on interrogation, admitted arms were stored in the temple precincts, and confessed that on the completion of the ceremony, the Spanish guards would be overwhelmed and the cross thrown down as the signal for an uprising.

  6. Ten Facts About Pedro de Alvarado - ThoughtCo

    Pedro de Alvarado (1485-1541) was a Spanish conquistador and one of Hernan Cortes' top lieutenants during the conquest of the Aztec Empire (1519-1521). He also took part in the conquest of the Maya civilizations of Central America and the Inca of Peru. As one of the more infamous conquistadors, there are many legends about Alvarado which have ...

  7. Pedro De Alvarado |

    Pedro de Alvarado [1] (pā´ŧħrō dā älvärä´ŧħō), 1486–1541, Spanish conquistador. He went to Hispaniola (1510), sailed in the expedition (1518) of Juan de Grijalva, and was the chief lieutenant of Hernán Cortés [2] in the conquest of Mexico.

  8. Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire - Wikipedia

    Mid-May – Pedro de Alvarado massacres Aztec elites celebrating the Festival of Toxcatl Late May – Cortés forces attack Narvárez's forces at Cempoala; incorporation of those Spaniards into Cortés's forces 24 June – Spanish forces return to Tenochtitlan

  9. Pedro De Alvarado Biography - Facts, Childhood, Family Life ...

    Pedro de Alvarado was born in 1485 in the town of Badajoz, Extremadura, to Gómez de Alvarado and Leonor de Contreras. Pedro had a twin sister, four full-blood brothers, and an illegitimate half-brother. Not much is known about his childhood and early life experiences though there is no doubt that he grew up to be an adventurous young man.

  10. An account of the conquest of Guatemala in 1524 by Pedro de Alvarado by Sedley J. Mackie (editor) Call Number: Online - free - HathiTrust "Two letters to Hernando Cortes, containing the official report of the conquest of Guatemala. First printed as an appendix to the fourth letter of relation of Hernando Cortes, Toledo, 1525.

  11. La conquista de Centroamérica - Historia del Nuevo Mundo

    La primera expedición conquistadora fue la enviada por Hernán Cortés capitaneada por el capitán Pedro de Alvarado. Partieron de México el 6 de diciembre de 1523 con 300 soldados, 160 caballos y numerosos aliados tlaxcaltecas, cholulas y mexicas.

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