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  2. 24 October, 4-10pm, The Latest Music Bar, Manchester Street. The Kropotkin celebration is an all day event, & includes a film that takes us on a tour of Brighton’s radical past, with Bandana companero Jon Mason as our guide. Highly acclaimed UK singer-songwriter Robb Johnson headlines this day of celebration of ‘The Anarchist Prince’, his ...

  3. Communism and Anarchy | The Anarchist Library

    Editor’s Preface. Peter Kropotkin (1842–1921) was one of the greatest anarchist theoreticians of his time. Although he admired the directly democratic and non-authoritarian practices of the traditional peasant village commune, he was never an advocate of small and isolated communal experimentalism.

  4. Pjotr Kropotkin – Wikipedia

    Pjotr Kropotkin, cirka år 1900. Pjotr (Peter) Aleksejevitj Kropotkin ( ryska: Пётр Алексеевич Кропоткин ), född 9 december 1842 i Moskva, död 8 februari 1921 i Dmitrov, var en rysk furste, naturforskare, geograf, agitator, revolutionär och anarkokommunist .

  5. Petr Alekseevich Kropotkin |

    Peter Alekseevich Kropotkin (1842-1921), Russian prince, was both a scientist and an anarchist. He combined biological and historical fact to derive a theory of "mutual aid" to support his belief in the superiority of an anarchist society. Peter Kropotkin was born in Moscow on Dec. 12, 1842, to an ancient and noble Russian family.

  6. Notes on Kropotkin – Radical Social Theory: An Appraisal, A ...

    1921: Kropotkin’s funeral was a large anti-Bolshevik demonstration “Everywhere you will find that the wealth of the wealthy springs from the poverty of the poor.” – Kropotkin “Pyramid of the Capitalist System” critiques capitalism, namely the wealth disparity and exploitation of labor. Anarcho- Communism: Kropotkin Style

  7. 克罗波金(Kropotkin)担任的管理员,一般 Boleslar Kazimirovich Kukel ,是一个自由主义者和民主党人,他与流放到西伯利亚的各种俄罗斯激进政治人物保持个人联系。. 这些包括作家 Mikhail Larionovitch Mikhailov ,克罗波特金(在库克尔的命令下)曾警告过莫斯科警方对他 ...

  8. A meeting between V.I. Lenin and P. A. Kropotkin

    During all of our conversations Vladimir Ilyich expressed the wish to meet Pyotr Alexeyevich and to talk to him. At the end of April 1919 I wrote him a letter, whose original is kept in the Kropotkin museum in Moscow. “Dear Pyotr Alexeyevich, I heard from Miller that you intend to come to Moscow.

  9. Propaganda By Deed And The Glory Of Self ... - Countercurrents

    Peter Kropotkin was not a pacifist. More often than not he supported regicide and other violent acts that, according to Kropotkin, were inspired by a desire to subdue those who subjugate others ...

  10. Peter Kropotkin (Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin) - 9 December 1842 to 8 February 1921 . Russian anarchist, socialist, revolutionary, economist, sociologist, historian, political scientist, human geographer and philosopher who advocated anarcho-communism. He was also an activist, essayist, researcher and writer.

  11. Peter Alekseyevich Kropotkin - Anarchist, Geographer, Activist

    Peter Alekseyevich Kropotkin - Anarchist, Geographer, Activist: Events took an unexpected turn with the outbreak of the Russian Revolution in 1917. Kropotkin, by this time age 74, hastened to return to his homeland. When he arrived in Petrograd (now St. Petersburg) in June 1917 after 40 years in exile, he was greeted warmly and offered the ministry of education in the provisional government, a ...

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