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  2. Poltava Governorate - Wikipedia

    The Poltava Governorate or Poltavshchyna was a gubernia (also called a province or government) in the historical Left-bank Ukraine region of the Russian Empire. It was officially created in 1802 from the disbanded Malorossiya Governorate , which was split between the Chernigov Governorate and Poltava Governorate with an administrative center of ...

  3. Poltava - Wikipedia

    Poltava's government consists of the 50-member Poltava City Council (Ukrainian: Полтавська Міська рада) which is headed by the Secretary (currently Oleksandr Kozub). The city's current mayor is Oleksandr Mamay, who was sworn in on 4 November 2010 after being elected with more than 61 percent of the vote. [22]

  4. List of uezds of the Russian Empire - Wikipedia

    Poltava Governorate: Pogatshovskij County: Rogachov Province Belarus Governorate Mogilev Governorate Gomel Governorate Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic Mogilyov Viceroyalty: Rahačoŭ: Poltavskij County: Novorossiysk Governorate Yekaterinoslav Viceroyalty Little Russia Governorate Poltava Governorate: Poltava: Porkhov uezd: Pskov ...

  5. Poltava Oblast - Wikipedia

    Poltava Oblast ( Ukrainian: Полта́вська о́бласть, romanized : Poltavska oblast ), also referred to as Poltavshchyna ( Ukrainian: Полта́вщина ), is an oblast (province) of central Ukraine. The administrative center of the oblast is the city of Poltava. Most of its territory was part of the southern regions of the ...

  6. Demographics of Ukraine - Wikipedia

    The census of 1897 is taken from the statistics of nine governorates that were in the territory of today's Ukraine. The statistics of the 1906 records are taken from which provides a broad degree of historical explanation on the situation in Imperial Russia.

  7. Poltava | Battle of Poltava, Cossack Hetmanate, Peter I ...

    Destroyed by the Tatars in the early 13th century, it was the centre of a Cossack regiment by the 17th century. In 1709 Peter I the Great inflicted a crushing defeat on Charles XII of Sweden outside Poltava after Charles had laid siege to the town for three months. In 1802 it became a provincial centre. The modern city of Poltava is largely new ...

  8. Governor of Poltava Oblast - Wikipedia

    The governor of Poltava Oblast is the head of executive branch for the Poltava Oblast . The office of governor is an appointed position, with officeholders being appointed by the president of Ukraine, on recommendation from the prime minister of Ukraine, to serve four-year term. The official residence for the governor is located in Poltava.

  9. Armorial of Ukraine - Wikipedia

    Kyiv Sevastopol Historical Rivne Oblast (2001—2005) Ternopil Oblast (large coat of arms; 2001—2003) Ternopil Oblast (small coat of arms; 2001—2003) City of Sevastopol (1994-2000) Coat of arms of Kyiv, mid 15th — end 16th century Coat of arms of Kyiv, mid 17th — end 18th century