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  2. Prince Eugene of Savoy - Wikipedia

    A comprehensive biography of the 17th- and 18th-century military commander and statesman who saved the Habsburg Empire from French conquest and fought against the Ottomans, the French, and the Bourbons. Learn about his early life, career, achievements, legacy, and controversies.

    • Eugene Of Savoy: The Rise Of The Legendary Habsurg Commander | More Than Just Enemies | Timeline
    • Eugene of Savoy: One of the Greatest Generals of Early Modern Europe
    • The life of Prince Eugene of Savoy - (1663 – 1736)
    • Prince Eugene's decisive cavalry charge ⚔️ Second Battle of Mohacs, 1687 ⚔️ Part 2
  3. Eugene of Savoy | Austrian General & Hero of the War of ...

    Learn about the life and achievements of Eugene of Savoy, a field marshal and statesman of the Carignan line of the House of Savoy who fought for the Austrian Holy Roman emperor in the War of Spanish Succession. Find out how he led his men against the Turks in central Europe and the Balkans, and how he died in a duel with a Frenchman.

  4. Prince Eugen of Savoy — 12 Facts About One of the 18th ...

    Prince Eugen of Savoy — 12 Facts About One of the 18th Century’s Most Remarkable Military Leaders. 6 June, 2021. Austria’s Eugene of Savoy was one of the most influential military leaders of his era, inspiring generations of generals to come after him. (Image source: WikiMedia Commons)

  5. Prince Eugene of Savoy | Belvedere Museum Vienna

    Learn about the life and legacy of Prince Eugene of Savoy, a Habsburg general and diplomat who built a fortune and a cultural legacy in Austria. Explore his biography, his buildings and art collection, and his role in the War of the Polish Succession.

  6. Prince Eugene of Savoy - Military History - Oxford Bibliographies

    Prince Eugene of Savoy (b. 1663–d. 1736) was a military commander, administrator, and diplomat in the service of the Austrian Habsburg emperors. He descended from a cadet branch of the Italian Dukes of Savoy known as Savoy-Carignan. He grew up in Louis XIV’s France, where he aspired to a military career.

  7. Eugene Of Savoy |

    Eugene of Savoy. The French-born Austrian general Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736) led the military campaigns that laid the foundation of Hapsburg power in central Europe. He was widely admired as a model soldier, diplomat, and patron of the arts. Prince Eugene of Savoy was born in Paris on Oct. 18, 1663, the fifth son of Count Eugene Maurice of ...

  8. Eugene of Savoy | Die Welt der Habsburger

    Eugene of Savoy. Prince. * 18. Oct 1663, † 21. Apr 1736. Prince Eugene of Savoy is regarded as one of the most important military commanders and statesmen in Austrian history. He entered the service of the Habsburgs in 1683 and rapidly advanced to become commander-in-chief of the imperial army, securing a number of major victories over the ...

  9. Prince Eugene of Savoy: what you need to know - Visiting Vienna

    Prince Eugene: what you need to know. The historical figures that left the biggest imprint on perceptions of Vienna were mostly Habsburg monarchs or knew their way around a piano or paintbrush. A notable exception is Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736). Noted military commander.

  10. Prince Eugene of Savoy - Wikiwand

    Prince Eugene Francis of Savoy-Carignano , better known as Prince Eugene, was a field marshal in the army of the Holy Roman Empire and of the Austrian Habsburg dynasty during the 17th and 18th centuries. He was one of the most successful military commanders of his time, and rose to the highest offices of state at the Imperial court in Vienna.

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