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  2. Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse - Wikipedia

    Maximilian Friedrich Wilhelm Georg (20 October 1894 – 13 October 1914), died in World War I Philipp, Landgrave of Hesse (1896–1980), twin with his brother Wolfgang; married Princess Mafalda of Savoy (1902–1944, Buchenwald ), daughter of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and had issue.

  3. Former German nobility in the Nazi Party - Wikipedia

    Prince William was a military commander, as second in command to his Commander in Chief father, with Generalfeldmarschall Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria and Generalfeldmarschall Albrecht, Duke of Württemberg, at German military headquarters throughout WWI, until the allied armistice of 11 November 1918.

  4. Frederick Charles of Hesse - New World Encyclopedia

    Frederick Charles of Hesse Early life. Frederick was born in Panker Castle on the Baltic Sea. He was the third son of the then Prince Frederick of... The Finnish throne. Finland had declared independence from Russia on December 6, 1917, leading to a debate on whether... Later life. Frederick became ...

  5. The Hesse Heist: The Family von Hessen | The National WWII ...

    Margaret married Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse, and in 1896, gave birth to twins Philipp and Wolfgang, followed by Christoph in 1901. Philipp and Christoph’s mother Margaret. This photo was taken in 1902, when Christoph was just around a year old. From the Imperial War Museum © IWM HU 68372.

  6. Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel - Wikipedia

    Charles was born in Kassel on 19 December 1744 as the second surviving son of Hesse-Kassel 's then hereditary prince, the future Frederick II, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel and his first wife Princess Mary of Great Britain.

  7. Prince Frederik of Hesse - Wikipedia

    Prince Frederik of Hesse, Landgrave Friedrich of Hesse-Cassel (24 May 1771 – 24 February 1845) was a Danish - German nobleman, field marshal and governor-general of Norway (1810–1813) and the same in the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein (1836–1842). Early life

  8. Prince Charles of Hesse and by Rhine - Wikipedia

    In accordance with the Constitution of the Grand Duchy of Hesse, Prince Charles was a member of the First Chamber of the Landtag of the Grand Duchy of Hesse from 1834 until a reform of the electoral law in 1849. As a liberal, the prince was long an advocate of giving the Grand Duchy of Hesse a free constitution.

  9. The Fascinating Story of Finland's... | Culture Trip

    Their choice for Finland’s first king was Prince Fredrick Charles of Hesse, a member of the German nobility who was elected on October 9, 1918 and given the slightly more Finnish name of Frederik Kaarle. His more complex designation was Charles I, King of Finland and Karelia, Duke of Åland, Grand Duke of Lapland, Lord of Kaleva and the North.

  10. Frederick Charles | German prince | Britannica

    Other articles where Frederick Charles is discussed: Finland: Political change: …in October the German prince Frederick Charles of Hessen was chosen as king. With Germany’s defeat in the war, however, General Mannerheim was designated regent, with the task of submitting a proposal for a new constitution. As it was obvious that Finland was to be a republic, the struggle now…

  11. Frederick of Hesse - Wikipedia

    Prince Frederik of Hesse (1771–1845), Danish general, son of Prince Charles of Hesse and nephew of previous. Frederick William of Hesse (1820–1884), second cousin of previous, and his titular successor since 1875. Frederick William II of Hesse (1854–1888), eldest son of the previous. Alexander Frederick of Hesse (1863–1945), brother of ...