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  2. Prince Friedrich Sigismund of Prussia - Popular Bio

    Biography. Prince Friedrich Sigismund of Prussia was born in Jagdschloss Klein-Glienicke, ...

  3. Sigismund III Vasa - Wikipedia

    Roman Catholicism. Signature. Sigismund III Vasa ( Polish: Zygmunt III Waza, Lithuanian: Žygimantas Vaza; 20 June 1566 – 30 April 1632 N.S.) was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1587 to 1632 and, as Sigismund, King of Sweden and Grand Duke of Finland from 1592 to 1599. He was the first Polish sovereign from the House of Vasa.

  4. Prince Sigismund of Prussia (1864–1866) - Wikipedia

    Prince Francis Frederick Sigismund of Prussia (German: Franz Friedrich Sigismund; 15 September 1864 – 18 June 1866) was the fourth child and third son of Crown Prince Frederick William of Prussia (later King of Prussia and German Emperor as Frederick III), and Victoria, Princess Royal, eldest daughter of the British Queen Victoria.

  5. Sigismund von Preußen -

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  6. House of Hohenzollern - Wikipedia

    The Duke of Prussia adopted the title of king as Frederick I, establishing his status as a monarch whose royal territory lay outside the boundaries of the Holy Roman Empire, with the assent of Emperor Leopold I: Frederick could not be "King of Prussia" because part of Prussia's lands were under the suzerainty of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland. In Brandenburg and the other Hohenzollern domains within the borders of the empire, he was legally still an elector under the ultimate ...

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  7. Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen | Prussian prince

    Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, (born Sept. 22, 1835, Krauchenweis, Prussia—died June 8, 1905, Berlin, Ger.), Prussian candidate for the Spanish throne. He was a member of the Swabian line of the Hohenzollern dynasty and the brother of Carol I of Romania. Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and Spain’s de facto leader, Juan Prim (1814–70), persuaded the reluctant Leopold to accept the Spanish throne, left vacant in 1868.

  8. Frederick III, German Emperor - Wikipedia,_German_Emperor

    Frederick III ( German: Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl; 18 October 1831 – 15 June 1888), or Friedrich III, was German Emperor and King of Prussia for 99 days between March and June 1888, during the Year of the Three Emperors.

  9. List of rulers of Brandenburg - Wikipedia

    Sigismund: 29 November 1378 1388 Younger brother of Wenceslaus; took control of Brandenburg on his brother's ascension as King of Germany and Bohemia. Gave up Brandenburg to his cousin Jobst as security for a substantial loan. Jobst: 1388 16 January 1411 Sigismund's first cousin, nephew of Charles IV.

  10. Prince Joachim of Prussia - Wikipedia

    Prince Joachim of Prussia; Born 17 December 1890 Berlin Palace, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire: Died: 18 July 1920 (aged 29) Potsdam, Free State of Prussia, Weimar Republic: Burial: 21 July 1920