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  2. Family tree of German monarchs - Wikipedia

    Wilhelm 1882–1951 German Crown Prince: Eitel Friedrich of Prussia 1883–1942: Sophia Charlotte of Oldenburg 1879–1964: Adalbert of Prussia 1884–1948: Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen 1891–1971: August Wilhelm of Prussia 1887–1949: Alexandra Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg 1887–1957: Oskar of Prussia 1888–1958: Ina ...

  3. Former German nobility in the Nazi Party - Wikipedia

    Prince August Wilhelm of Prussia: Prussia: Born 29 January 1887. Prince August Wilhelm of Prussia was the fourth son of Wilhelm II, German Emperor by his first wife, Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein. Prince August joined NSDAP on 1 April 1930, with the low membership number 24.

  4. Wilhelm II - Wikipedia

    Wilhelm II (Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert; 27 January 1859 – 4 June 1941) was the last German Emperor and King of Prussia from 1888 until his abdication in 1918, which marked the end of the German Empire and the House of Hohenzollern 's 300-year reign in Prussia and 500-year reign in Brandenburg .

  5. Franco-Prussian War - Wikipedia

    The Franco-Prussian War or Franco-German War, [b] often referred to in France as the War of 1870, was a conflict between the Second French Empire and the North German Confederation led by the Kingdom of Prussia.

  6. What is Prussia? | History, Location & Contributions - Video ...

    The Austrians and Prussians had fought over leadership of the German Confederation; Prussia had challenged Austria, and Prussia won some contested territory along with the victory. Otto von ...

  7. Paul von Hindenburg - Wikipedia

    Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg ( pronounced [ˈpaʊl ˈluːtvɪç hans ˈantoːn fɔn ˈbɛnəkn̩dɔʁf ʔʊnt fɔn ˈhɪndn̩bʊʁk] ⓘ; abbreviated pronounced [ˈpaʊl fɔn ˈhɪndn̩bʊʁk] ⓘ; 2 October 1847 – 2 August 1934) was a German field marshal and statesman who led the Imperial German Army during World War I. [1] He later became preside...

  8. German Monarchy | Rulers, History & Timeline |

    Wilhelm I (1797-1888): Wilhelm I was the first Kaiser of the German Empire. Previously, he was the king of Prussia. One of the major problems that Wilhelm faced was incorporating Catholic Germans ...

  9. Hohenzollern dynasty | History, Religion, Countries, & Facts

    In 1871 William I of Prussia became German emperor. Both Prussian and German sovereignties were lost in 1918, at the end of World War I.