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  2. Wolfgang von Hessen - Geneee

    Wolfgang von Hessen Wolfgang von Hessen Y Ehen Verheiratet im Jahre 1948 mit Ottilie Möller, geboren im Jahre 1903, gestorben im Jahre 1991, 88 Jahre alt Geschwister Notizen Wiki Quellen: - Person, Geburt, Ehe 1, Ehe 2, Tod: Wikipedia

  3. Wedding of Prince Louis of Hesse and by Rhine, 1937

    Prince Louis became the Head of the House of Hesse and by Rhine, inheriting a Palace and four Castle, taking the title of the Prince of Hesse and by Rhine, though the first time the new Princess was addressed as ‘Your Royal Highness’ was when she was suffering from nausea on the boat taking them across the Channel.

  4. 83 Years Ago – The Tragic Death of the Hessen Family

    On 9 October 1937 Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig von Hessen und bei Rhein (of Hesse and by Rhine), who had reigned until 1918, had died at the age of 68. Despite of that the family was to gather in London for the wedding of the Grand Duke’s second son, Prince Ludwig, and the Hon. Margaret Campbell Geddes.

  5. The wedding of Prince Donatus von Hessen and ... - NettyRoyal

    The religious wedding took place at noon in the 14th century gothic evangelic Johanniskirche in the centre of the old town of Kronberg im Taunus, northwest from Frankfurt am Main. Some 350 guests were invited for the wedding, that was led by the Rev. Erich Dorn. The civil wedding had already taken place in Wiesbaden on April 25 in private.

  6. Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse - geni family tree

    father brother About Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Prince of Hesse-Darmstadt Großherzog Ludwig IV von Hessen und bei Rhein on 13 June 1877. Links: The Peerage Geneall Johann the Younger # 1420 Wikipedia: English Deutsch Grandduke of Hesse by Rhein: Reign 1877-1892 Predecessor: Ludwig III Successor: Ernst Ludwig

  7. Philip | Biography & Facts | Britannica

    Philip, byname Philip the Magnanimous, German Philipp der Grossmütige, (born November 13, 1504, Marburg, Hesse [Germany]—died March 31, 1567, Kassel), landgrave ( Landgraf) of Hesse (1509–67), one of the great figures of German Protestantism, who championed the independence of German princes against the Holy Roman emperor Charles V. Early years

  8. Hesse Amethyst Tiara | The Royal Watcher

    November 19, 2022 ~ Saad719 Today marks the 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Mafalda of Savoy, Landgravine of Hesse, who was born on this day in 1902!

  9. How Prince Philip’s ‘favourite sister’, Princess Cecilie ...

    For the rest of her life, the Princess functioned as a secretary and companion to ‘Peg’, the Princess of Hesse, at Schloss Wolfsgarten. She passed away less than a year later, in 1997. Subscribe now to get 3 issues for just £1, plus free home delivery and free instant access to the digital editions. Topics Royals Newsletters Subscribe Tatler Store

  10. Puffing Away in and Around Mainhatten | Cigar Journal

    Situated just south of the city center, slightly above the confluence of the Main and Rhine rivers, this large, pleasant 4-star hotel houses a smoker’s corner next to the wine bar where you can enjoy a cigar undisturbed. The restaurant one floor higher offers a large and classic selection of drinks, should the wine bar not be open.